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  1. Great job on this, man. I gotta ask: is the tin it comes with bigger than an altoids tin? I can envision a perfect char tin to fit my flint and steel set haha

  2. Ill agree…I got a titanium last year so its a little bit lighter. You forgot to mention if you flip the pen clip thing around on the flashlight it can then be clipped on the brim of a baseball cap for hands free. If size and convenience is an issue…this torch is very good. If price is an issue…my fellow Canadians might know the dollar stores around sell aluminum LED torches at great prices with decent lumins. But then you only have the option of hand held. I dont regret buying the thrunite what so ever. Plus its so small and versitile…always there if you need some decent light. However I did have an incident with expanding gases from a battery…but the light still works great. Thought Id mention this.

  3. Good video, most of my torches are thrunite they are great build quality for price and I love the firefly mode . I use my bigger torch just on firefly to light up the tent.

  4. I use the mini maglite about the same size maybe a tad smaller and incredibly bright. I wonder which one would last the longest on a single batt? Thunite send so many torches out to people I've watched 3 this week alone.

  5. As usual, excellent video. Great review that shows the settings, the design and build, and the performance. Loved seeing you blind yourself!