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  1. There is issues of failure to feed with that brand, it can get u killed in actual fight, cheap but dangerous

  2. I had this llama 9mm, it’s a great gun, but hard to find here in Canada, I found an original magazine for sale at EPPS, and also works good with any Norinco 1911 mags

  3. Had this exact model myself for many years was dependable and reliable, Like you said with OEM mags thankfully i had 2, but i just picked up a minimax 45. Yesterday, Runs great as well, for all the hate these guns recieve both my experiences , one was an 80s model and my minimax is 90s , both have been great running guns, I mean ive put probly 10 mags thru the 45. So far , but im sure it will be a great shooter for years to come, time will tell anyways haha thanks for sharing! I had same problem back in the day finding the 9mm 1911 mags so i gave up and just used the 2 i had, Very grateful minimax takes any milspec 1911 mags!