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  1. My SCAXE2 fire steel works just fine right of the top edge. I have started plenty of fires with it. The trick is to lay the axe on the material and use the fire steel from the top side and push down from the top on the fire steel. Will make a video and demonstrate

    Good review

  2. Hi Brian: I wanted to give you an update about my purchase of the Schrade SCAXE2 hatchet.
    I am pleased with the hatchet. You had mentioned that at the top of the hatchet case, the top point of the axe can stick out.
    I got a piece of that nylon "seat belt" material and cut a piece to cover that open portion of the hatchet case. I also noticed that at the hammer end of the case, it is so tight that it does not allow the "hammer end" of the hatchet to slide back in easily. This also I corrected by cutting the case nylon strap and adding a looser fitting piece of the nylon "seatbelt" material.

    This "seat belt" nylon material is 3" wide, and I use it for lots of "jerry rigging" on my gear.
    I use it to make broader "belt loops" so that all my gear fits onto a wide leather or canvas belt.

    One might think that this sort of "jerry rigging" a tedious affair involving sewing etc.; but all I do is use Gorilla Glue on both pieces, spread with a wooden craft stick of the "popsicle" variety. I do one side at a time, laying it flat with a plastic grocery bag on the bottom to prevent mess overnight. The next day, I glue the other half down.
    With plastic bags on top, some weighty material can be piled on top to clamp these glued pieces together.

    I like the Schrade axes and the full tang knives, having bought the ones you have reviewed here.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for the great review; it looks handy. My opinion has always been that there are fillet knives, and then there is every other bladed and pointy implement. Fillet knives are meant to be delicate, but for everything else: "If it won't throw, it doesn't go" with me.

    I don't want a tool that falls apart under its own internal harmonics.

  4. on the bottom side of it there is a spot made for striking the rode shown on amazon when you buy it, its the video.

  5. I watched this review yesterday, and also some others, then today, i went and purchased this hatchet. So far i like everything about it except the sheath, lol. Thanks for the review, i'm sure i am going to enjoy my new camp hatchet. 🙂

  6. Hammer poll instead of hammer pommel which is different part. Otherwise great video Brian!!!

  7. I like the tool also. Even though it’s a shame it cannot strike a faro rod without using the blade.