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hi guys my name is Remy and today I want
to show you a survival kit for our house
this kit contains ten essential items
which are of utmost importance and then
three more additional items which I
would get if I had a little bit more
money at ten so this survival kit is
what I consider the essential survival
kit we’re home
okay that’s right survival item that I
want to show you is candle I think that
he likes like these ones here are pretty
awesome they are pretty cheap and for
example Tran the bad girl you can use
tea nice to have a little bit of light
inside of your house and it’s getting
dark in the night for example also you
can use them to heat your house for
example when there is no electricity a
lot of heating systems both working work
and you can do very easy candle oven
with just the flowering table like this
one here you just turn the pump off set
down and you light a candle underneath
and then the cop will get very bored and
heat up your sweat or health so that’s a
pretty cool thing to know not a second
survival item that I want to show you it
is pretty obvious you need something to
light up your candles and it doesn’t
matter if you prefer matches or lighters
they’re both pretty good fortunately a
lot of people still have minor or messes
its own so that’s a good thing
what a lot of people who get is that
when there is a huge power outage there
is no possibility of cooking because
most of the ovens they work with
electricity so the valve item number
three that I suggest getting is a small
alcohol burner like this one here assist
you can cook out your right or your out
food then you have and you will also
need some kind of very high percentage
alcohol which runs with the alcohol
burner the next survival item is not an
item it’s just food food is of utmost
importance a lot of people don’t keep a
lot of food at their homes anymore
because there used to go to the shop
every day but the German government has
released a statement lately and they
told their citizens to keep food for at
least three weeks at home three weeks is
a very long time if you have a big
family and I would suggest getting cans
with soup or beans and I would get rice
and a lot of greens and you can also go
for travel lunch this is just hiking
free stretch hiking food you can also
buy some MREs which are ready to eat
these are not too bad actually and you
don’t need hot water for them another
item that I would get is a water filter
this one here is by soya and it filters
out thousands of litres of water so it’s
a pretty cool thing to have at home
especially if there’s a big flooding and
all of the water sources are
contaminated another thing you should
have at home is a first-aid kit
accidents happen you know you don’t even
need to wait for a HTF situation it
happens every day a good and solid
first-aid kit is a must in every
household I know a lot of people who
don’t have a flashlight anymore because
yeah they don’t need it anymore
they have a small flashlight on their
phone and that’s all what they need but
I would highly recommend getting a
flashlight this here is the through 9 th
20 and it’s one of my favorite headlamps
because it’s so small you can fit it
easily into a pocket and it only has one
button here and with this one button you
can set the brightness of the flashlight
and it’s free you just keep the button
pressed and the cool thing about this
small headlamp is
first of all you have both of your
hands-free and second of all it runs is
a double-a battery which is commonly
available also you need to think about a
way to power up your batteries and one
thing to do that is a power bank you can
power up your mobile phones you can
power up other devices in your household
this one runs with USB and this one here
has twelve thousand five hundred
milliamps which can get you through a
couple of days but what is the power
bank rounds out there is another option
which I would suggest getting which is a
solar panel and with this one here if
you have a lot of Sun for example if
it’s not winter time you can get by for
a very long time you can power up your
phone you can call up your radio your
batteries everything that you need in an
everyday situation the tenth item of the
survival kit that you should have at
home is a hand-crank radio now if there
is a huge power shortage if there’s a
blackout and you don’t have the
opportunity anymore to gather
information on what’s going on a radio
is a good thing to have this here is
powered by a hand crank or by a battery
which I have added and it’s correctly
pretty good okay we have cowards at 10
most important survival items and I
would really recommend getting these for
your home there are three more items
that I want to show you which are not
mandatory but yeah maybe some people
want to go for them the first item that
I want to show you is a full-on gas mask
there are some occasions when you might
meet them for example the bonfire in
Canada they have produced
a lot of smoke and actually you can get
filters which have a filter for carbon
monoxide and nitrogen oxide so I feel
collective comes in very handy also you
can get out of filters for example a
simple FFT free future against us and
can get a full on CB RN filters if you
want you if you want to gear up a little
bit more you can get four contractions I
think they are pretty awesome and they
are a great way to communicate when the
mobile phone network is downtown also
this one they come with FM radio the
last item that I want to show you today
is a Geiger counter and yeah which is
the wires you can measure radiation now
I know that a lot of people think that
they will never need one but actually
I’m pretty happy that I have one and as
you all know after Chernobyl my country
of Chile got hit by a huge radioactive
cloud and the radiation which was mostly
came down in different spots of Austria
and most people don’t know that the
radiation comes down in hot spots or in
some areas there’s more radiation than
in others and having a Geiger counter
tells you if you are in a safe zone or
not it helps you if you have to move or
not and I’m pretty happy that I have a
device like this now however all we try
out is the Geiger counter vert ok to try
out the Geiger counter we need some kind
of radioactive material and right here I
have a radioactive watch in the 1960s
they have painted watches with
radioactive radium to make them
as you can see and yeah this is quite
radioactive now let’s measure and see
what the Geiger counter tells us this
year 0.2 micro sieverts
is the normal background radiation and
if you come closer to the watch let’s
see what happens
so now we have 811 mic receivers 12 and
rising 24 Verdi it’s rising 35
ok so the highest peak was at about 35
yeah I think that having a Geiger
counter is pretty important I’m sure
that a lot of people don’t have the same
opinion but that’s ok you know so yeah
this is the survival kit for your home
that I want to show you and it surely
doesn’t turn if you get at least a
couple of these items for your boat
yeah so this was the video about this
about kit in your home thank you for
watching please don’t forget to follow
me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and
station and lengthen up

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