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  1. This helped me, thanks. I just got a Protac AA and only now, from your video, know how to change high-strobe-low. Thank you.

  2. @coolkayaker1 no problem, it took me a minute to figure it out too, now i take it to school and ill strobe my friends and they all wanna see my light and they cant figure it out most of the time, a few of them can, they should really put tht on the package, lemme kno how ur light holds up, i had mine stolen but after a few weeks the spring loosed and if the light was shaken it would loose contact and switch modes, i got a new one and havent had tht problem but i think its also been changed a lil

  3. these r the old models before they switched leds, i dont remember the specifics or if i was right in the video, ive upgraded my flashlights since then, i think this was my freshman or sophmore year and im a senior now