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  1. If your blade has a serrated edge at least part of it, then you can always use it if you don't have a 90 degree angle and it won't really damage it plus it'll also throw out an amazing amount of Sparks or if you have a Swiss army knife you can always use the saw blade

  2. These are my opinions. Because you were taught that way des not make it best. It makes it what you know.If teaching and someone may not have a sharp spine on their knife, bring a file and show them how to sharpen the spine.Use the awl or file on your folder instead of the blade. It works better. – you addressed that.If part of being prepared is having a sharpening stone, then is certainly means also having a Bic lighter.Fire may be the priority, but why sacrifice the blade at all if not needed?When you held the blade to scrape with the spine you held it differently than when using the blade. Hold it the same and there wouldn't be a safety issue.How is turning the knife over and doing the exact same thing any slower or more inefficient?It is easier as a student to hold the scraper still and pull the ferro rod. You don't knock away your pile of tinder but accidentally hitting it with your scraper.If the spine of your knife was sharp you could have used it to scrape those shavings and further saved the edge of your blade.

  3. I have a small ferro rod that I was about to throw away because it won't throw good sparks off the back of my knife without being worked so hard that it knocks the tinder pile apart. I just went out with a pocket knife and threw great sparks with the pen blade of a mid-sized stockman pocket knife. Then I tried the rear-most portion of a serrated sheepsfoot blade. MAGIC! Showers of bright, hot sparks! I've learned a new technique and I've saved money by not wasting that ferro rod. Thanks!

  4. Okay, basically what you are saying is that's the "correct" way because there's a good chance that I may be too stupid to do it any other way.

  5. why didn't you also teach the students how to grind or file the spine of knife?? Sound like a typical government operation.

  6. I have heard that the heat created from the ferro rod can damage the heat treatment on your cutting edge.

  7. So no matter what he says just designate a knife just for striking nothing wrong with a backup knife any way

  8. I use a carbide paint scraper blade set in a hickory file handle…Never goes dull E bay this…

    HYDE TOOLS Paint Scraper Blade, Carbide, 2-In. 11170

  9. I agree with your technique. I teach the same. My knives are just fine and still razor sharp. Subbed.