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  1. Wet kindling, huh? Oh, good. Now I have a good excuse for having a B-day candle in my altoids tin 🙂 .

  2. really useful technique to know, … cheers,

    I was experimenting the other day, with Cork, soaked in Meths, then dried and dipped in wax, … end result is an inferno that burns for about ten minutes,
    only down side is its VERY sooty,

  3. My favorite fire starter is sawdust mixed with melted wax and you pour that into a SINGLE egg carton. It burns very hot and for a long time. I did not time it though sorry!

  4. I took a cardboard egg carton cut the sections out filled them with as much dryer lint as possible and soaked the entire thing in wax let it dry and that thing burned very well

  5. I don't use candles from any store like Walmart. I use the same candles that are used by most churches as they're bees wax and have a higher melting point and much longer burn times. I like the higher melting point because they generally don't melt while sitting in your kit in your car, and they don't drip nearly as bad and waste wax.

  6. always use the candle the right way up, either raise your stack or get a short candle, i always throw a few night light candles in the little tin trays in my pack, which would work a lot better for your method