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  1. eek! Yeah, they suck. Every dynamo system is hampered due to its battery power source. Lights using lithium primaries, either 123's or AA's are currently the most reliable for our prepper community. Thanks for the demo and update!

  2. @GunsKnivesSurvival If you get the chance, you might enjoy checking out some of the models from 4sevens. There are some great AA and 123 format "survival" / EDC lights that might be of interest to you. Also stop by Candle Power Forums and use their search engine to look up emergency lights. You'll get dozens of ideas from that community. Cheers GKS!

  3. @Patriot36 Thanks for the info! I've heard good things about 4 sevens lights I'l definitely check out the Candle Power Forum! Take care.

  4. you cranked it the worng way, lol jk, those things suck, and if you do get them to light up they arent bright enough to see anything

  5. Mine works great… love the whirling sound when I wind it… hope it will scare off bears when I hit the hills. sounds like you got a dud though. the secret is to excercise them a bit to increase the battery capacity and wind them a few minutes once a month when not being used. When i first got it I wound it for about 10 minutes and it burned for 45 minutes. now it burns for 2 hours after 10 mins of winding… great light.

  6. @GunsKnivesSurvival Could be. These little lion batteries can be damaged by overcharging or by not being charged at all. I got mine after a power outage and the shelves were restocked… I must have got a factory frresh one. Try the energizer solar crank light… it's amazing! Has a NiMh battery and shines for more than 3 hours after a full charge in the sun.

  7. And thats why you don't find emergency services buying equipments from Walmart or Ebay!