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Hi Guys
I have a new LED Camping Lantern Water Bottle
It’s from Aglaia
and it is the LED Solar Powered Camping Lantern
and it is very multi-functional
The bottle can be used for water or to store
items since it is durable and waterproof
The top has an LED lantern there’s 3 modes
So I mentioned that it is highly waterproof
so you can store things like keys id cards,
snacks and so on in the bottle
The bottle is made with BPA fee materials
and can hold about 20 ounces of water
So here I’ll put my keys and a snack inside
Now I know they are safe and secure and even
So the most interesting aspect of this Aglaia
bottle is the LED light
There’s the power button and it has 3 modes
this is the brightest medium and the lowest
It goes up to 100 lumens a lumen is the brightness
of one candle a foot away so it’s like 100
It an be charged via the solar panel on top
via the sun or you can use the cord to charge
it from any usb port
the usb cord just disappears into the top
This handle allows you to carry the bottle
or hook it to your tent or backpack or even
you bicycle
I’m going to add some water now
So as you can tell I added some water and
like I said earlier it holds 20 ounces it
doesn’t leak and it is waterproof
I’m going to go inside and show you how the
light looks since it is so bright outside
Ok so I brought this inside to get a better
look at the light
so here is number one it is very bright
wow, that’s bright
here is the medium light
and here is the lowest light which is still
pretty bright
I’m going to show you that one more time
Isn’t this an attractive design?
You would never know that thee is a cord on
the side
see it disappeared
I think this would be great for camping or
hiking or even taking to the beach thee are
so many possible uses
it might be good to keep ion your vehicle
for unplanned events
I’ve reviewed other Aglaia products and I
think they are all well-designed and this
is no exception
Thanks for watching

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Credit Card Knives In Minnesota Legal Where Can We Order

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  1. This is a great product – I love anything that has more than one possible use in these days of multitasking

  2. Hi! Nice day! We found you when we search"camping lantern" in the page, and we have watched your video, it is so professional, would you please cooperate with us? We have Camping LED light, also can be used as a Bluetooth speaker & Power Bank in our US store? This is the link:, the JVMAC is ours, you can have a see.

  3. Can I use it as a fish tank? Or maybe keep neon tetra's in there, would look brilliant with the light on.
    Of course I am only joking and you did a fine job of the review. Keep up your reviews because you can only get better and better. Lovely sweet girl too and all the guys will like your videos πŸ™‚
    You didn't mention it will charge your phone too?

  4. Bought one of these a few years ago, lost the directions. What does the red light/green light on the top of the bottle mean.
    First bottle – has a green light – but the LED will not turn on. However, LED lights will turn on only the bottle is plugged in via USB. Any ideas?

    Second bottle – has a red light – works fine.

    Bottom line do you remember what the lights mean?