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  1. Nice it is a commercial version of the pepsi can stove, I use these for very light weight but not as fast on heat up and the modern all in one pot/butane stove.

  2. well at least I know how to make a pack of noodles now. hehehe just joking, so over all I take it you liked the stove? Why would you let it prime? it does not appear that it holds a good quantity of heat, only disperses it.

  3. Maybe Vargo should throw in the fuel bottle for those of us that use the code YT at check out! Im open to a counter offer. just kidding guys, looks like you make a great product.

  4. I subscribe to your channel. I know at lot of things that you teach ,but you always seem to have one idea that I had not considered.

    I love your Texas accent,; My son-inlaw is Texan. If the two of you were talking from another room, I wold have to guess who was who.
    I enjoy your vids.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Can I ask the type of alcohol you use? I tried my vargo with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and the vargo never blossomed, it just burned out.

  6. @johnmonk66 if you look at any other alcohol stoves they all usr denatured alcohol, found in the paint section of any hardware store. Or another good option is called HEET its a water remover for car gas tanks found at most auto repair shops. Good luck!

  7. Two minutes to prime, man thats ONE FAIL STOVE, massive waste of fuel and 8 minutes or more to boil 2 cups of water, the most useless Stove I have come across in some time.

    Indeed a coke can stove is much better value and probably lighter and much more fuel iffiecent.

    Another FAil Vargo product it seems, but I do like the Vargo wood stove , TITANIUM 🙂


  8. Its incredible how much something like this cost. You could jerry rig a bunch of different things to burn like this stove. All the stove does is act as a holding spot for the fuel. I think the vargo wood stove is a much better product.

  9. Normally it takes about 30 seconds to prime. He waited ALOT longer then he needed to. A full stove, with prime, will burn about 18 minutes.

  10. I have one of these and use it in a pinch. I also have the Vargo Titanium Wood Stove and love that product. I like redundancy when it comes to cooking……and both of those take up very little room.

  11. The Triad blooms faster if you put the pot on right after lighting the stove; as per Vargo's instructions. A windscreen reduces boil times. Doing both will save fuel, too.