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  1. It isn't a lot less money right now. On amazon along with a charger and batteries the TN12 is pretty close to the price of the Fenix PD35, and the Nitecore P12. They are all made in China, and all compare well with each other. I actually found the Nitecore was cheaper than this flashlight, but not available in neutral white. From what I can tell the Fenix is the nicest light of the 3, and the power step down on the Fenix and Nitecore from full power mode is not built into the Thrunite TN12, it just states in the instructions do not use in turbo mode for longer than 10 minutes. Without an automatic step down what prevents the TN12 from overheating? I have the Thrunite TN12-2016 in neutral white on order. I plan on making a few videos of my own comparing different flashlights, and I pay for my flashlights, as none of mine were given to me free to review. All I can say is this isn't that much cheaper, maybe a few bucks. I paid 67.98 from Amazon for 2 18650's and a charger plus the light. The Fenix PD35 is 71.99 for the best deal I found. Thank you for the review.

  2. I have one of these and I can say I like it , but it has a couple of flaws. The first being it gets to hot quickly in turbo mode. It will burn your fingers if left on to long. The other is the tail switch. It gets corroded quickly and stops working properly. I had to replace my switch after a month of use. Now it is doing the same thing, so I have to take it apart and that requires some snap ring pliers then I have to clean the contact again so it will work. For these reasons I wouldn't really buy one of these again. I would look at a nightcore or a Phenix instead. If they improve the switch I would change my mind, but until then no.