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hidden vehicle survival stash hidden car compartment where to hide things in your car emergency survival gear
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper we like to keep
emergency survival gear get home bags bug out bags in our vehicles at all
times and when you’re cleaning out your
car updating your emergency gear look for little secret hiding places stashes
extra little pockets of empty space
where you can add some emergency survival gear stash some
things have more of the prepping things that you
actually need in an emergency survival situation having
extra extra emergency gear things along helps make sure that
you will have the supplies what you need then if for
some reason one of your emergency bags gets left out
of the car or somebody moves your get home bag something
or takes some of your emergency survival supplies it and uses it you still have a
back-up plan for some must have survival items things that you
could need in a real emergency before
you put anything in your car though you
need to remember that when you’re
driving down the road it’s similar to a
3.2 earthquake everything is getting
rattled around so you want to put things
in there that are going to be cushioned
in some way aren’t going to be fragile or
broken and aren’t banging around
together so that you don’t have
additional rattles or find out after a
year the gear is broken or no longer is
functional so take that into account
when you decide what emergency survival supplies you’re going to put
in your car so I’m going to show you
some of the emergency survival gear items things that I stashed in my
secret little stash spot hidden compartment in my car and
see what kind of things maybe you have
room to put in your car here’s an
overview of the items that I’m going to
put in my secret stash hidden survival compartment my choice of
items and things that I would need in an
emergency that are redundant things that
I have others of those supplies but I could really use more of
them if I really really needed to
survive so I’m going to show you where
I’m going to stash and hide put them and go through each item
one and tell you why I chose it we all
have this hidden stash compartment in our car somewhere down
where your spare tire goes look at all
the room you have in there sometimes
we’ve already thought about it we’ve
loaded it up with gear but if you
haven’t this is a great time to think
about it and look at all of the room
that you have to make it useful for you
in case of an emergency situation first
I have some towels help cushion things
and some black plastic bags because
those are always handy no matter what
kind of a situation you’re in
next I have some gloves cold-weather
gloves and work gloves in case I needed
to change a tire or fix something on my
car I have a Go Time Gear Life Bivy and a Go Time Gear Life Tent
the Life Bivy comes with an emergency
whistle and the Life Tent with an
emergency whistle a long piece of
paracord then if you need an emergency
shelter whether it’s in your car to stay
warm or if you were forced out of your
car you’re going to have layers of
protection to keep you safe I have duct
tape and an emergency space survival blanket the
emergency space survival blanket is made of mylar can be even placed
over your windows if you needed to block
out the light shield yourself from too
hot of Sun or wrap around you in
extremely cold temperature an emergency space survival
blanket takes up very little space and
is very handy and we know duct tape has
endless possibilities for uses I have a
sturdy flashlight with some extra
paracord I also tossed in a tin of
Altoids cinnamon they’re not going to
spoil and the tin is useful for a lot of
other reasons too I have a little metal box it
has some fire starting gear
it has matches cotton balls rub with
Vaseline petroleum jelly a lighter a few simple tools
like carabiners a pocketknife and a
multi-tool and every emergency kit needs
a little emergency can opener P38 P52 you
probably have a lot of these things around
your house put them together into some
little kits for emergency survival situations and stash them in places
that you need things close the metal tin emergency kit it up with a
hair tie they are way sturdier than a
regular rubber band put in some basic
tools wrenches pliers maybe some zip ties things that
you normally would use around your car
or would want in an emergency
some rope or twine assorted bungee cords
a simple drawstring backpack bag can be handy if
you needed to gather up things and go
somewhere bug out shelter out of your car in the open add a tarp this tarp folds up into
its own pouch so it’s handy and small
something for personal protection choose personal protection weapons that are legal and you know how to use them add a knife and you
can see there’s all kinds of room left in the hidden vehicle survival stash car hidden compartment I
haven’t even touched all of these spaces
in here and there’s all kinds of extra
room you could add all kinds of extra emergency survival gear items stuff
even if you don’t have a big hole large compartment to stash things like
that one
there’s lots and lots of room to hide things in your car but you
want to settle things gear items in there so
they’re not going to rattle all around
you can layer things around in your stash stick them
in little nooks and crannies around the spare tire cover them all of your gear
with a dark tarp so if somebody just
looking in may not even notice that you
have anything stored or stashed in your car you can see adding extra survival emergency gear whether it’s
just around your tire or in a great big
hole in the trunk of your car there’s all kinds of room to store and stash emergency survival gear
things in your car you just have to look
around and be creative lay the tire
cover over your supplies and who knows how much stuff
you have in there it works great prepping
doesn’t have to be complicated
look around you probably have most of
these things survival emergency gear items already gather your
emergency supplies together make little
packets kids backpacks bug-out bags get home bags 72 hour kits all
kinds of little sets of emergency items things so that
your gear is organized you know what you
have you know how to use it you know
where it is and then no matter what
comes along you’re going to be in way
better shape to deal with the emergency
and the things that life throws at you
and have a much better day because of it
try finding some secret spots hidden vehicle survival stash and car hidden compartments in your
car put some emergency gear away
and hope you never need it but if you do
you’re ready to face whatever comes your way
learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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  1. A scrap 1 X 6 of wood is handy to support the car jack if the ground is soft from rain or is too sandy. Usually the scissor jacks that come with cars tend to sink in soft ground.

  2. I have all sorts of survival gear stashed all over in my car. I also have a small coffee can with a roll of toilet paper stuffed inside and soaked with denatured alcohol to use for heat or cooking. There is so much wasted space in vehicles that can be used.

  3. Great tips! I just got a different vehicle so I have to check where all the cubbies are and gather supplies. I have even thought to do that yet. Thank you ☺