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Carl here with tactical riflemen hey
guys we’ve had a lot of comments about
some of the videos that we did about
setting up body armor I personally like
to run magazines on both sides we caught
a lot of flack over at people saying oh
you can’t get to the ones on your on
your strong side with your reload hand
so anyway and I understand the method to
their madness that your magazine should
be where you can do those reloads okay I
want you to understand the method to my
madness how I set my magazines up I have
three magazines here from my primary
three for my secondary but I also run
three magazines for my primary weapon
system in this case this AR rifle on my
strong side now they’re flush they’re
single-layer they do not interfere with
the draw of my pistol at all in addition
I also carry two magazines on the back
of my body armor that I can reach flip
either hand I can reach those magazines
now the thought process behind that is
by running them on both sides it
balances out the weight of my body armor
if I had all those magazines just on
this side and nothing over there I’d be
leaning like this all day long
the idea behind body armors make it
comfortable move as much kit as possible
down to your war belt have all that
weight on your pelvic girdle get up off
your body over but as you can see
especially equipment like flashbangs
radios things like that shotguns for
shotgun shells for the breaching shotgun
if I’m running one it adds additional
weight so my magazines are set up so
that I can get to all of them right so
if I’m close in let’s say inside of a
building and my magazine runs dry
alright now when my rifle runs out of
ammo if I’m close inside the room by the
time I reloaded this rifle I’ve done
lost that gunfight takes a couple of
seconds to do that however and half the
speed I can transition down bring up my
pistol and I can get back in the
gunfight now when I run out of ammo my
pistol do I transition to another one no I
go do that speed reload for the pistol I
get back in the fight now once we’re
done in that room left right rear no new
target take back control of rifle
reseed the pistol I can empty that mag
out and I can grab an additional one
from the back at least one that I can
reach the least put it in and I mean
back in the fight this guns ready to go
now if I’m further away from let’s say
more than 25 metres and I can get behind
cover but if I run out of ammo with my
rather than fiddling with my pistol
right because I’m further away than 25
metres I would do that speed reload of
my rifle get back in the fight again
easy alright now once I’ve shot you see
I just ran out of ammo again drop that
magazine grab that next mag back in the
fight now once I’ve finished off that
gunfight safe and Hank checking for
other targets I’m set now my speed
reload mag is empty
but I can grab another mag that I can
reach the least in which in this case I
like to take one from the back of my
body armor and I sit that mag so that
I’m ready to go right I can reach these
mags this one is set for speed reload
again I want to move another mag from my
strong side over to my weak side same
thing pull that magazine out and I can
reseed it in this one right here put the
retainer back on it I’m ready to get
back in the fight again ready to go out
of ammo speed reload alright so now
let’s say I’m injured let’s say one of
my arms is injured it comes incapacitate
doesn’t matter whether it’s the left or
the right arm right single hand now when
I’m out of ammo I dropped that magazine
place the weapon back on safe doesn’t
matter which side is injured because I
have magazines on both sides of my
of my body I grabbed that mag grab my
mag mag well sit it in the gun its
forward back on fire just that’s why I
run magazines on both side of my body
balances out my kit and it allows me
heaven forbid that one arm becomes
I can still reload and deliver effective
fire and continue to stay in the fight
you have any other further comments
leave them below

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  1. Brother that's how you set your kit up! Great information! People this man is a wealth of knowledge!
    Thank you Sir for what you do!

  2. Please do a video on everything on your tactical body Armour and belt and
    tell us who made the pouches and stuff thanks