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  1. Hey i was wondering that my son is 13 would he still be able to go he is really responsible

  2. Great video David, you inspired me to make a YouTube channel. Keep up the good work

  3. Come to England and run a course ha ha amazing video keep up the hard work 🙂 been watching you for almost a year now 🙂

  4. cool congrats on getting the survival training and especially in wellsboro area where exactly are you having it not that I would show up but I might know where( I most likely know because the fact that I live in covington and my family have lived in tioga county all of our lives and my parents are wellsboro grads

  5. I just watched the Video, on that Mag Fire Starter. I enrolled, went to the home page. after trying to find it on your site. I had no luck. It looked awesome. After an hour plus. I gave up. I"ll get something on Ebay or Amazon, but you might want to ad a search bar on your home page. It was very impressive

  6. I love the idea, and I would really enjoy the training!

    If flights from the west coast weren't an extra $600 (just checked) I'd be signing up.

  7. Planning and preparation , layered over with communication and you seldom need to rescue yourself. But still pretty cool.

  8. Hi David, long time subscriber and huge fan! I wish I could go to the school but I'm from the great white north and it would take a while to get there lol, Love all the reviews and videos!! Keep it up bro

  9. Hi you are a big inspiration and I'm aware the slots are full but out of curiosity what is the age limit

  10. Nevermind did found it I wish I saw this video early I would have really liked to attend