10 thoughts to Ebay Tactical Flashlight 2000 Lumens How Can One Order At 7:46

  1. It's a bit outside my budget, but does look like quality. I would think about adding a few calories as long as you still have room to spare.

  2. I’m a webelos leader we are going to be doing our “Castaway” activity pin, the kids need to make a personal survival kit. What items would you recommend for the kids? (10 yrs. olds)
    My idea was: disposable rain poncho, Aquamira frontier water filter straw, Bic lighter, signaling devices mirror and whistle.
    Would you add anything elts?

  3. hey Brian could you make a video on people in general, to practice some of these things we learn from watching these videos and yours as well. knowing how for example build a super shelter and actually doing it? i am in colorado and the weather can kill you here in the mountains and i think practice would be time well spent.and if in the early stages of hypothermia, time for thinking and problem solving issues of building a shelter or putting up your tent can be a daunting task.

  4. Perhaps you would need a frontal light, for let free your hands, while you are doing something. Regards

  5. God bless America.
    People here in europe can not carry a Victorinox or a small knife in the woods.
    You can be in troubles with policemans. it depens of autority judgment if you Will make a rígth use of it.

  6. Thanks Brian for this video. I've been looking for something like this. I am buying it so you will get a little bit of money for your videos. Happy Trails. God Bless

  7. I like your videos. That been said, I don’t get it with that big of a survival kit strapped to your leg. It looks like you need a small backpack, like one of the packs that fold up into themselves into a small pouch, or a haversack, or fanny pack for that much kit. Your kit is your kit, that little pack just seems overly tactical and bulky in a weird carry position. Have you hiked any distance with it like that yet?