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  1. I lived for OVER 1 Month without power after Superstorm Sandy! But I had Solar powered Radios, Lanterns, & Flashlights! And over 200 batteries!! I did my Cooking on a Propane powered camping stove!! Great Video!

  2. During hurricane sandy after using a solar panel to charge my phone after 4 days no power the towers were still down for the next two weeks what we need is a portable cell tower

  3. For cell phone I recomend large external battery. I'm using 20400 mAh Anker Astro E6. its enough to charge phone, flashlights and whatever you need. it gives you max 4A output and its more than enough for situation like powergrid turning off.

  4. You have any suggestions on a good budget light with a red filter for use in the field?

  5. I have several lights that work off the batteries for my power tools and at any given moment I have at least 8 batteries for them fully charged with as many as 12 charged. The 18v batteries run a range of lights from portable flashlights (150 lumens for 8hr) to spot lights (2800 lumens for 1hr) to area work lights (1700 lumens for 3hr) to lamps (130 lumens for 27 hours) all of this off of one battery that is rechargeable. I also have it set up with a six pack charger that in a pinch can be charged by a solar panel or generator. It takes the solar panel about 5 hours to charge 6 batteries or 1 hour for the generator to charge 6. So with this set up alone I feel pretty well set up but I always have a good stock of AA flash lights and a ton of AA batteries as well as a few crank lights and candles πŸ™‚

  6. Nice video. Lol Netflix and chill. Really like your Chanel. Lots of good info and you seem like a really good guy