13 thoughts to Ebay Tactical Flashlight 2000 Lumens Where Can I Shop At 15:45

  1. Lol, I cut through a 5 in diameter hickory tree in 10 minutes and could still shave my arm a little. This hatchet is pretty useless compared to the ultimate pro survival knife.

  2. My Gerber hatchet has given me years of service, some in tough conditions. Then again, I don’t go out and intentionally try to abuse my tools.

  3. I keep this as the hatchet in my get home kit I keep in my vehicle, if I break down in the middle of now where, and a small axe is needed, light weight, sharp, small jobs, making campfire etc. I know a bigger axe is better but try carrying it for two days to get home.

  4. For Light duty no doubt. You won't be cutting down any trees with this, but that's not what it's intended for.

  5. Hey buddy. I'm going through my playlist commenting on old videos trying to see how the creator feels about these older showcased products. Would you still recommend them? Or have you found something better to replace them with? Kindly let me know so I can update my playlist with the latest and greatest review so when I finally save up enough money to buy everything I can still be current.
    Thank you!..