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What’s up every everybody! Welcome back to my Laboratory where safety is number one priority!
and today I’m going to put to the test this multi tool lighter
let’s see what they all about
For the first lighter right here look at that beautiful design
Fits your palm pretty good and right here there is a little chain
that you can hook it up into your pocket or backpack
and put it in pocket so you don’t lose it
and what’s so special about this lighter
right here
you push this down
and it’s going to light up
That fire is green how amazing is that
Have you ever have seen a green fire lighter?
I haven’t, this is my first one and I was amazed when I found one I was like whoa I have to have it
How cool is that!
Also it has a flashlight right here
Also there is another flashlight and actually it’s a black light
Whoa that’s awesome
you know what’s black light is?
maybe you can use that black light to see if there is stains on our bed sheets in a hotel or motel wherever you are staying
Who knows I have never seen a black light on a lighter or any kind of gadget that’s awesome
and a another tool right here BOOM!
this is right here is a wine opener
let’s try to open a bottle of wine see if it’s actually durable or not to open a bottle of wine
Gotta take of this part BOOM! you can take it off like that
Okay we are just going to screw this in
Nice it’s works all the way since it’s soo short
ah man
ah it’s hard
You know what guys this is a second time it just destroys the cork
but still overall I love this design I love how this lighter is green fire
I just wish the wine opener was a little bit longer so that way it would be a little bit easier to open a bottle of wine
But cool part is right here is a can opener as well
Black light, flash light and green fire lighter how cool is that
So good we got here another lighter and it comes flash you open it up like that and right here you pull it down
and look at that flame it’s like a torch but it’s a blue flame like a regular lighter and it’s little torch it’s Epic
Very powerful and right here there is a knife you can actually use this knife to cut all this aluminium foil on a wine bottle
and also it has this wine wire
You see how much different this is
It’s way shorter
and right here is way shorter as well it doesn’t have another natch right here
so this why I couldn’t open it with this
um wine opener
So hopefully this one will not disappoint and I’m actually pretty sure it will be very easy to open bottle of wine with this lighter
First of all I’m going to put it into the cork
Then it will just like a wine opener
put it like that put it down like this and pull it up
(pops up)
Easy wow this lighter definitely works really well
But it does not have a flashlight or the black light
So very different lighter but although it has a knife
and it’s only blue flame so I wish this lighter had a better wine opener because this lighter has a green fire and a flash light
you be the judge which lighter do you like better I wish this one just had a knife
and did not had a wine opener would have been an amazing lighter
But I’m pretty sure you can still open it shipped bottle of wine with this kind of wine opener
the short one
Let me know in comments below if you have a same a torch lighter like that with a wine opener in a back of it
I have never seen it before and when I saw it I was like whoa I have to have it and show it to you
Amazing thumbs up for me
This right here another super Epic lighter first of all let’s try to spark it and see what happens
BOOM! You got yourself a green firelighter
That would be beautiful doesn’t it?
Thumbs up this video if you have never seen a green fire lighter, torch lighter, it’s Epic
and it looks like a grenade design super cool
and also right here there is a little lock if you open it there is a little safety
close it open and right here there is a little button
let’s press it and see what happens
Look at that knife, quick released knife
very small knife so I think it’s more like a box opener BOOM! Look at that
Very sharp knife not a toy
and to close it all you have to do is press it and close it
lock it so that way it cannot pop out
you cannot press it by mistake
right here safety pin you
unlock it
That’s awesome
Let’s do this again
so quick love that
Huge thumbs up for me for this lighter because you got yourself a green fire
and a quick release knife
Love it
For the next lighter looks like a revolver look at that pretty cool huh
there’s right here a little lock
and when you press it let’s see how do you unlock it
I guess it doesn’t fly out
Oh yeah it does
check this out this is cool
similar knife like this one fly’s out
when you press it
and to close it you have to press it again and close it and if you don’t want it to open it anymore just press this down
and look if I press it nothing opens
cannot be open
open it again
and just a little bit longer knife
but I think this knife is just a little bit thicker than this one
so you be the judge which you like better
and right here
just a blue flame
so this lighter definitely beats this lighter but if you prefer this design
better than I’m sure you wanna get this one than instead of that one
and couple more design
for those people who likes to take care of their nails
pop it open
if you have nails you could probably
pop it a lot easier
and right here
look at that
there is a little nail cutter
How cool is that?
Never seen a lighter with a nail clippers
that’s amazing
and if you press right here
you see you got here a lighter
and it heats up really really hot
pretty awesome and it’s a different kind of lighter
it’s just a coil
heated coil lighter whatever they call
But I just wanted to get it because
I saw a nail clippers on this lighter
and that was just so cool then they have a nail clippers and a lighter at the same time
and the last lighter right here
I love that color, how it reflects
so all you have to do is open it
and it heats up
that coil in the middle
on this side the same thing
then if you don’t want to use it anymore, close it
and right here
just a simple little knife
I just though it was different lighters and I wanted to get it and show it to you
By the way in both of these lighters you can use android charger and just plug it in to the computer to charge it
this one’s are the electric lighter.
Well guys it’s pretty much it let me know in comments below which gadget was your favorite and thank you for watching
and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I will see you next time.

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Esp Tactical Flashlight Holster Buy Best Price For Sale

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  1. The green is a copper rod over the flame inside you can do this with dffrnt metals and a small but certain crystals broken in to small bits glued on to a certain part where the metal can be put ,will give u multi coulors ,