13 thoughts to Esp Tactical Flashlight Holster Where Can One Buy At 3:38

  1. I want it! I hope they release that, or something extremely simular, into general production. Great vid, bud.

  2. @EmperorofCartoons I suspect you'll get this answer from several ppl, but the knife in this vid is perfectly legal in the aspect of assisted and/or automatic knives, as it isn't either. This one is just extremly smooth in deployment. As for assisted open knives being illegal, they are not as of right now. That being said, there is always a chance of them being outlawed, that is why it is best to stay involved and oppose any further attempts to strip away our freedoms.

  3. looked like a big bat sitting on your bed…you just don't see many dobermans anymore like there becoming extinct

  4. im glad you are a much better gear reviewer than actor. lol. no i really enjoyed the story of this vid. and shit i didnt even notice the wildlife on the bed til i read the comments. cool vid. great idea. and man i need some kind of manix

  5. @EmperorofCartoons Both of these knives (brown Delica 4 and this Manix 2) are NOT assisted opening. Manix have lock similar to Benchmade's axis lock. Check out Cutlerylover's video called "Knife Mechanism : Benchmade Axis Lock" for more info.

  6. @jonsidneyb

    Oh hey, I didn't know yu had a You Tube channel

    Thanks for the good products and selection, not to mention running one of my favorite messageboards for years now