15 thoughts to Ever Strike Match How To Use Buy At Best Price At 4:39

  1. I don't like the idea of polished, shiney. Blades,. Gives away location at a possible bad time. I prefer a dull gun blue finish. Not hard to keep clean and very low reflection.

  2. Honestly if i had to defend myself i wouldnt go for the little knife mi instinct would tell me to reach for theBK

  3. "nobody pimps out Jessica" lol, the funny thing is, a trick is another term for a prostitute haha! After I checked out your vid, I actually ordered a kydex sheath from them. Thanks for the recommendation, he does amazing work!

  4. but dude you gota stop calling your knife jessica…… creepy, like the whole intro was trash

  5. hahah but your stuffs so nice and once you got into the video it was really good

  6. hey he only thing about that i ther bette be a gun on you if you have such a crazy knife

  7. Im a sucker for quality made items and I just love that sheath! Looking to get one made for my TOPS knives. Thanks for sharing!