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  1. Waka Waka means shine shine in Swahili. For everyone purchased the company sends one to a family in an under developed region of Africa.

  2. you can recharge the waka waka 1,000 times before it is trash. which is almost 3 years if used daily. could last a life time (20 years) if used only on 2-3 day outings.

  3. I have a Wakawaka power and I love it. The solar panel is a lot more efficient than on any of the other similar sized solar chargers I've found on Amazon. I can fully charge the Wakawaka in full sun in less than a day.
    According to WakaWaka's website, the unit has a 2200mah battery capacity, which is not a lot but the USB circuit in the unit can pull a constant 1 amp out of the battery until it's dead, so you'll probably get 2/3 of a tablet charge or a couple of smartphone charges. You can also charge through the USB port at the same time the unit's solar charger is working.

  4. Let's review a light without actually showing how the light works in the dark. Brilliant!

  5. Many times companies will pick names that are ones that you remember such as in this case. I hear the name now and think of the solar light.

  6. Good you make fun of the language of the people theses device we're intended to help hence it's solar system being so simple.
    Serious question survivalist, our prepared for the natural reoccurring disasters in your are?
    Such as floods maybe mud sides?
    Not likely because most of you guys ignore the reality of seasonal occurrences.

  7. Thanks for review, but wish you had mentioned that when you buy one of these, the company sends one to a third world country where the people have no power and cannot function at night. They are sending them to Nepal now. That is a big plus!!!!!!!!

  8. wacka wacka ! there are much better ones on the market then that. wacka wacka ! good day. wacka wacka