14 thoughts to Ever Strike Match How To Use Where Can We Shop At 19:57

  1. This is the entertainment business, and nutn is the most entertaining hands down, subject to change!!

  2. Also factor in the money all you guys save the subscribers with your testing, heck 3/4 of my gear was tested by you guys, so all I can say is thank you and keep testing and I'll sort out the rest.

  3. EXCELLENT video. In spite of diligent effort I'd missed two greats you've recommended here. Now I'm subscribed and reviewing a wealth of wonderful new resources.

  4. just sub'd to all of them! i cant stop buying! i dont use any of my stuff…..like….ever! but i love it!

  5. take a look at living survival he does great videos and has quality content on his channel.

  6. My favorite channel is preparedmind 101 I like his channel a lot njust the way he reviews stuff is great

  7. I am the best gear reviewer for people who like average channels without many subs