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  1. You have a lot of redundancy in the driver sets which to me means dead weight. I would drop both of those and i mean the ones on the right side as im watching the video in favor of a screw driver handled socket driver for 1/4 in sockets. Then i would add only the most commonly needed sizes of standard and metric DEEP well sockets. Anyone that has worked on there own car should no some of those nuts cant be reached by the standard size sockets do to the bolt they are on being to long to allow you to seat the socket. as well as giving you a little more reach cause the socket is longer throw an extender in there and throw the bit socket in there to use the screw driver attacments for the other two tools on the same tool and again pick those bits that are most often needed. that gives you way more versatility to make your tool longer shorter what ever and if its a good tool you can drill a hole through the handle to slide a rod or something in giving you a t handle for torque hope this helps you out some.

  2. Definetely should think about some type of pliers with wirecutting ability. There are many times when you need to really grasp something. If you carry a multi tool, that's cool, maybe add a small mini pliers and a wire cutter. Also, I personally would replace that Surefire with a good headlamp-when you're fixing things you most often need both hands to do the job-a headlamp is a lifesaver. The Channel Lock idea is great-maybe replace pliers with that-that is one tool I would not be without in my kit. Scissors, I use a serrated Paramedic shears made by Smith & Wesson-far better than the non-serrated cutters. Maybe some rubber tubing-medical type. An AWL-that is another MUST in my kit-always need a way to make holes. Epoxy or epoxy putty, diamond sharpener (small). A diamond or carbide wire saw and handle. Maybe cut down hacksaw. The lube was a good idea too. These are some of my ideas-you may not agree, but for what they're worth here they are.

  3. You should get rid of the alkaline battery in the flashlight and replace it with a AA lithium battery instead. The alkaline will leak and destroy the flashlight.

  4. Use a fanny pack for the pouch, tuck the straps in normally, that way it can by body carried hands free if you are without a larger bag.

  5. I'd say get an olight s1 baton to replace both flash lights with a couple extra lithium ion olight rechargeable batters. The nice thing about that is the multiple brightness settings u get up to 500 lumens in a flashlight the size of a mini bic and it has a magnetic bottom along with a reverse style clip that allows u too attach it to the brim of ur hat and use it as a headlamp. Also I would get a well made multi tool such as a leatherman sidekick, wave, or charge(leather min has a 41 bit compact bit kit and drive extender that is compatible with the wave and the charge) as well as a chapman midget ratchet and a 1/4 inch bit driver extender, this allows u to use great torch with the bit driver in the leather man with a fraction of the effort aswell as allowing u to effectively use ur leatherman to bore quite large holes using drill bits along with the ratchet and leatherman combo.