10 thoughts to Ever Strike Pro Lighter Where Does One Buy At 19:40

  1. hey i saw a review on fox news about chaga tea. it is actually baffling scientist with all the healing properties in it. so i'm sure it will be controlled very soon by the FDA!!! like the gifts you got sis. later tater princess..Tony.

  2. Really! I must have missed it! Oh gezzzzz bad when the FDA gets involved! they will prolly figure out out how to make a synthetic version of it and try and pass it off as the real thing knowing them!

  3. Lol..lol..our YT community of people are very generous! I have made gifts for subs also, mostly crafted gifts and I sent some gifts out to a young sub just getting started. I love hand made items tho!

  4. Thanks so much Terrie, my daughter loves it, she wants me to leave it to her in my will! Uddo has a great channel, hope you check him out! he makes great knives too!

  5. Awwww Karen …. all those steels and strikers …. and what do you do? Use a lighter …… my head is in my hands!! Nice gigts from Bribo …. he is a good guy over here. Take care …. and stay safe …. Jim

  6. Hi Jim, yup I admit I cheat sometimes..lol..lol..Bribo is such a great person with a wonderful family, you'll see on the next vid the gift he sent me again, I help him out with some products over they wouldn't ship to England so he sent me something else again, I almost cried! such a great guy he is!