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  1. The problem I had with the mini Mag Lights was the battery connection issues. I had to keep popping the flashlight to make it come on even after a thorough cleaning. Stretching the spring helped a bit but it still became a troublesome problem. Also, the scabbard as not stitched well, and became separated over time. I have owned up to 7 of these in my line of work back in the day. And of course buy plenty of spare bulbs…they short out quickly. I am not familiar with the led version. Great video!

  2. Nothing wrong with a number of cheap flashlights for the kids and general indoor use. But for outside/security you need REAL flashlight. For under 100 dollars there are units that throw 800 plus lumen. That throws a beam as bright and wide as a car headlight. Personely I have standardize on "Jetbeam" flashlights for that purpose. You can get the "CR123" lithium format in rechargeable. And a charger that has the option of direct recharge from a car battery.

  3. Fenix e-21. I went on the exact lighting journey as you. The e21 is a great light. I've been EDCing one for two years now. I'll do a comparison video of you.

  4. Gene
    You can unscrew the lens on the mini mag or the full size mag light and use it for a base. That way you get 360 degree light and a stable base.

  5. Get a tn-12 flashlight, only 75 for the light, 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger that can charge aa and aaa too. Lasts 75 days strait with one battery on .4 lumens, 35 lumens for 5 days and three other modes going up to 1100 lumens. Its waterPROOF, drop resistent, and has strobe.