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  1. New York you can have the pistol but you cannot have the powder in the primer same thing with Massachusetts in New York you can rifle black powder rifle

  2. in an end of the world situation you could use your black powder revolver to take somebody down with a real gun and have their gun that's what the Liberator was made for in World War II also if you cannot pass a background check for whatever reason you can have a black powder revolver even modern inline muzzleloaders do not need an FFL

  3. I'll have violent felony charges on my record when I'm convicted. I fucked up pretty bad. A muzzle​ loader is legal here in Arizona. Every vintage firearm is, legal too, but the ammunition is illegal.

  4. I carry my new army alot. I've been made fun of but I don't give a damn. A .36 caliber ball coming at you at 750 fps at close range is no joke. Plus I don't need a permit because it's considered an antique.

  5. Really stupid what classified as felons my brother in-laws got felony over back pay Child support and can't own a firearm or even rights to vote stupid and unconstitutional

  6. But thank you for video I agree everyone set of mind buy bigger guns for prepping or shtf my self I want one black powder gun at least for if it's case world goes hell and ammo gone you can always make your own ammo and black powder and being a hunter I want multiple primitive weapons like bows slingshots or even atlatl and blowguns or boomerangs or pellet guns or bb guns for hunting I save regular firearm ammo for evil people if ever felt me and my family where in harm

  7. Slingshots (illegal in some places) and bows amd arrow are another alternative, paintball if has the word rifle on it, it cant be possesed by a felon, but they are a good choice with nylon balls. Or just mix water and soap in a water pistol to stop any danger at close range

  8. If I'm not mistaken, black powder firearms are not considered a firearm at all in the Governments eyes. That being said, I do believe felons can own black powder firearms for hunting, self defense, etc. don't take my word on it though, always check you local laws, but I'm pretty sure felons can posses and fire these cap and ball revolvers without any laws being broken.
    Thanks and God bless.

  9. Texas penal code 46.01 states a replica and or curio black powder that does not fire center or rim ammunition is NOT a firearm. No permit. No license. In TEXAS. 46.04 states after 5 years of anniversary after prison release, parole ans or probation a felon can own a firearm on personal property.

  10. I carry 1860 army has never failed me 35 grains of powder 454 round ball is plenty anuff