15 thoughts to Everstrike Match Vessels Order Online At 9:39

  1. No problem. It's called "XAHTEP". It means Hunter in Russian. Address is Волоколомское Шоссе Д. 86

    Regards, Lars

  2. Basically rifles and shotguns as they are the easiest to get permission for(hunting license) but also hand guns if you have the paper work for them. You can own 5 firearms on a license.

    Regards, Lars

  3. Yes indeed. Lot's of civilian AK models are used for hunting. I think it's one of the AK-100 series but i don't remember. The Bakelite mags are popular because they don't rust:)

  4. That was a great looking range. I didn't know you could do that in Russia. Thanks fort sharing.

  5. This range is great value, I paid much more to shoot at a crappy range in the Philippines last winter.

  6. Looks like the indoor ranges there are just as strict as ours, but looks very nice. This is why I love having my own range, granted it is outside. The weather here is much milder though and I can shoot all year. If you ever get to the states for whatever reason, you can come stay at my homestead. We could shoot all you want, rifles, pistols, shotguns-everything I have.

  7. the vid makes that 50 meter distance appear like a long stretch, anyway still, that's nice marksmanship considering it's open site and 50 meters,

    excellent video!

  8. 7.62X39 is still dirt cheap here, most of us throw 5.56 for under 50 cents a round now thought for some accuracy.

  9. Looks like AK-103’s…especially the black furniture one that Lars is shooting. AK-104 has a 12.4” inch barrel with a combination gas block and front sight. The AK-103 has an independent gas block and independent front sight. I know the menu said AK-104, but I’m definitely not wrong. Just a matter of Googling it if wish to confirm. I have plenty of AK’s on the channel to know a few things 😉