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  1. Im trying to get back into bow hunting/precision shooting and its been a very long time. Last time I shot a bow was when I was a teen. Now I am 41 next month. Been doing alot of research and ur video has helped tremendously. Thank you!

  2. Don't move the string silencer! Find the sweet spit where it makes the bow the quietest, then don't move em

  3. Going to have to agree with the Rage 2 blades. I like the chisel tips myself! Good looking setup!

  4. I have the same bow. I got it instead of the pse stinger 3G because of the smoothness and balance. I like it a lot.

  5. Hey man thanks for the video. I am actually looking into getting this bow and your review helped me a lot in deciding whether or not it was the right bow for me. 

  6. P.O.Box 662269. Lihue, Hi, 96766…I have bowmaddness an shot my first goat lastweek wensday. Ive notice im very low on supplies. Arrows, heads, Gear. Please help

  7. Hi! Question to all who know this bow: Would you turn down the draw weigth from 70 to 50? Is it safe, or too much for the bolt threads? Thank you!