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– Uh, I ran out of gas down the road.
And, uh, I just need some money.
– Here you go, man.
– Oh.
Thanks, man.
– [Narrator] Welcome to
First Person Defender,
where regular people come face to face
with unknown attackers.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Drop the gun sir, drop the gun.
Drop it, drop the gun.
Come after me, drop the gun.
– [Narrator] And, fight their way out.
This is First Person Defender.
– Today on First Person Defender,
gas stations.
We all gotta go to them, gas up the cars.
But, weird stuff happens at them.
This one is straight from the headlines.
Take a look.
– [Narrator] These
force on force scenarios
use training guns,
that fire non-lethal projectiles.
– Chaz seems like the kind of guy
that we always get in
these types of scenarios.
Especially today,
it’s really typical to have people
that are just getting into
firearms and self-defense.
– I grew up in a house
that wasn’t very gun-friendly.
Turned 21, bought a gun.
I bought a shotgun, about five years ago.
Uh, bought a handgun when I turned 30.
And, decided with my wife and my kids,
that if I was gonna be a gun owner,
I needed to be educated on it.
– He’s had guns because
he wanted to own guns.
But now, he knows that owning
guns is a responsibility.
So, he’s putting himself in a position
where he’s getting training.
– When I first, kinda, jumped into it,
it was like, well, I’ll get a gun,
and it’ll just be the
concealed carry class.
And, I didn’t really think of
everything that goes into it,
kind of having insurance,
the liability you have when you carry.
Also, kinda, the
responsibility that you have
for the people around you,
if something does happen.
– The scenario we have
set up for Chaz today
is based on something
that actually happened,
here in the Louisiana area.
He’s gonna be at a gas pump.
Someone’s gonna approach him,
they’re gonna ask him for money.
You know, everybody’s
been to the gas pumps.
Everyone has had strangers around them,
and very close to them at gas pumps.
This kinda stuff can happen.
And, do we treat everybody
like they’re a deadly threat?
Should we?
– [Narrator] A gas station is a common,
everyday place we stop.
In this scenario, Chaz goes
to fill up his vehicle.
How does Chaz handle himself,
when approached by an
individual seeking help?
– Woo, alright, alright.
Man, that, dude, that’s
a sweet ride right there.
I like that.
Who, what year is it?
– Uh, 2018.
– Yeah, dude, I, here.
I think, I think you dropped that.
– Hey, man.
– Appreciate it.
– Got any money or something?
– Thank you.
– Have a good day, man.
– Man, I just need to get some gas,
and I don’t have any money.
No, they said they don’t
have anything in there, either.
– Man, the pump is slow today.
– Can you help me out?
– We got a ways to go.
– Hey, how you doing, man?
– I’m alright man, how you doing?
– Good.
Um, I wanted to ask you,
uh, I ran out of gas down the road.
And, uh, I just need some money.
– Here you go, man.
– Oh, thanks, man.
– What did you see?
What did you hear?
Tell me about the whole scenario.
What were you perceiving?
‘Cause it’s pretty quiet in here.
– There’s definitely no traffic going by.
– Yeah, I was like,
I kinda heard their conversation.
I didn’t hear exactly what he said.
I kinda took for granted when he came up,
that he had asked him for a dollar, too.
– And then, uh, KJ came over here.
I think it was KJ,
picked up some money off the ground.
That freak you out at all?
What were you thinking when that happened?
– It, it should have.
But I thought, but I
had money in my pocket.
I thought it was my actual dollar.
And then, when, I guess the guy
that ran out of gas came up,
I, to me, that’s just,
it’s natural just to help out if I can.
But, I did let it,
I let him get too close to me.
And, I was pretty much
fried when he started,
when he went for the knife.
– Yeah, he kinda stuck and run, didn’t he?
– Mhm.
– Yeah, he stabbed you.
And then, he took off running.
And, you came around the corner,
we called an end to it, though, so.
So, when he stabbed you,
where did he get you?
It looked like he just,
kinda, got too close to you.
– Uh, yeah, upper left thoracic area.
– Okay.
– Which is a problem.
– So, probably, a sucking chest wound,
maybe a punctured lung.
– Mhm.
– So, he got you at least once.
– Twice.
– Twice.
– I think he got me at least twice.
– Yeah.
All in the upper chest?
– All right here.
– Yeah, not cool, not good.
Not something anybody wants to go through.
So, how can we mitigate this situation?
– Um, not letting him
get that close to me.
Put that hand up, and just be loud.
I cannot help you sir, you know.
– Yeah, back off.
– Yeah.
– I can create space between
us, before he got that close.
– Okay, so don’t let him get too close,
uh, how about another thing?
We already picked up on
something that was going on,
that seems kinda normal,
but, hey, I don’t wanna be involved in it.
Do you even wanna be asked for money?
– No, not really.
– I don’t either.
I hate it.
I look at them and I just say,
listen, you got the wrong guy, man.
I got nothing for you.
– SureFire’s known for quality lights.
And, if you’re an EDC,
everyday carry kind of person,
a light is an important
part of your toolkit.
Whether it’s a handheld light,
or a weapon mounted light,
it’s helpful for tactical situations,
and really just everyday awareness.
We appreciate SureFire’s support
of First Person Defender.
– So, what about, what on him
is the most dangerous part?
– His hands.
– Yes, the hands.
– What did you notice about
his hands, how were his hands?
– They were low, near his pockets.
– Let’s get our resident bad guy in here.
And, uh, let’s think about this.
Go ahead and step in there,
get in your spot.
– Got some money, man?
– Why you staring at his eyes?
– I can watch you right now,
and I can see you staring at his eyes.
That’s one of the things
we do in American society,
is that we wanna look people in the eyes.
I’m looking at his hands,
thinking, oh shoot.
But, the body won’t go
where the mind hasn’t been,
so we have to think outside the box.
– Right, Chaz?
– Yes, sir.
– What do you wanna say? You
gotta tell me something, man.
– Aw, man, um. What’s
going on in your brain?
– That I’m too nice, like, I —
– So am I.
– I don’t have, I don’t
think I walk around
just naturally suspicious of people.
– We have to assess everything
that comes into our environment
for the threat that it
might present to us.
You have to develop a response to that.
The response, hey man
you got the wrong guy.
I don’t have anything for you.
And, it’s gotta be with
your game face on, too.
Wrong guy, I don’t got anything for you.
So, a bad guy comes in,
you’re just dealing with the pump.
Don’t worry about him,
dealing with the pump.
– Hey, bad guy.
– Got some money?
– No, man. Back up.
– No, look, I just want some money.
– I don’t have any.
– You’re gonna give me some money.
(gun firing)
– Hoo!
Do you know how to clear your shirt,
with, with, that’s two hands.
What about with using one hand?
Let’s, let’s turn and face this direction,
so I can see what’s going on.
What about just, getting up here,
and hooking up here, with your thumb?
I say, listen, man, you gotta stay back.
I don’t know what you,
what you got in your hand?
What you got in your hand?
From there, hey, whoa,
whoa, he’s got a knife.
Hey, back up.
I gotta draw a line in the sand.
Bam, done.
I’m not, I’m not down
here giving commands,
I’m not here giving commands,
he’s got a knife.
I have to, and I’m gonna
create distance naturally.
But, I have to have a line in the sand.
I have to decide.
At what point am I gonna leave?
So, we gotta be able to
get, create distance.
We gotta watch hands, not eyes.
‘Cause the eyes will kill
you a thousand times,
but they can’t really kill you.
The hands are what actually can harm you.
And, eyes say stuff all the time.
But, hands tell the story.
– Ruger is one of the companies
making this show possible.
One of the things they do really well,
are small guns.
The LCP changed the game,
in the name of pocket pistols.
And then, the LCR, for
a small snubby revolver.
But, small guns are easy to carry,
and they give you a lot of options.
Check out some of those from Ruger.
(soft rock music)
(gun shot)
(gun shot)
In Chaz’s scenario,
he let the bad guy get
dangerously close to him.
Now, that happens.
Chaz is a trusting individual.
Most of us are.
But, what he failed to do watch the hands.
Now, had he been watching
the hands on that first one,
he was close enough to potentially
foul the draw of that knife.
He could use his, his live hand,
his check hand, his support hand,
that he would normally
support when he shoots with.
He could grab that wrist,
stop that knife from coming out.
But, now he’s only got one hand,
to clear the cover garment
and draw the pistol.
That presents a little bit of a problem.
So, let’s look at it this way.
This hand’s busy,
I’ve got a handful of bad guy.
This hand, I’m gonna use my thumb,
to hook my shirt,
and come up underneath,
clear that cover garment,
obtain my master grip on the pistol,
and then the gun’s gonna come out
and I’m gonna shoot from a
close quarter style position.
Now, I have to be, kinda,
concerned with shooting my own hand.
‘Cause, my hand’s down here,
wrestling with this guy.
So maybe, I take a step in,
and I get a little bit closer.
We can do that on a live fire range,
just like this.
I can grab ahold of this target,
just like I’m holding an arm or a wrist.
I clear my cover garment with one hand,
obtain my master grip on the pistol,
pull in, and I can fire from here.
(gun shots)
(rock music)
Then, I can let him go,
create a little bit of distance,
and see what kind of reaction that had.
(rock music)
(gun fires)
– We appreciate Springfield
Armory’s support
of First Person Defender.
In a gun fight, you can
never have enough ammo.
And, the Hellcat has changed the game.
It is a small, carry pistol,
that holds plenty of 9 millimeter.
And, we like that.
We appreciate Springfield
Armory’s support of this show.
Go check them out.
– [Narrator] First Person Defender,
brought to you by
Springfield Armory,
and Ruger.
– What’s your daughter’s name?
– Amia.
– Amia.
– Do you ever take her to
the gas station to get gas?
– Not very often.
– Well today, you got her with you.
– K?
– Okay.
– Amia, be careful.
– [Actor] Yeah, okay.
Stay buckled up.
– [Narrator] Heading home,
with his daughter in the back seat,
Chaz needs to fill up his ride.
Does Chaz step up and take action,
if his daughter’s life is on the line?
Or will he end up the victim once again?
– Just want a bag of chips.
Hey, man. I’m hungry.
You got any money or anything?
– Oh, look at this ride.
– Dude, this is a nice ride.
– You got something.
– What year is this?
– 2016, man.
– Really?
– Hey man, please back
away from the car, bro.
– No, I’m, I’m just looking.
I’m just admiring.
I, man, I used to have one of these.
Used to have one, I loved it, man.
– Hey, man.
– That is sweet.
– Back away from the car.
– I love this car.
– I’m just gonna take this car, alright.
(gun pops)
– What, oh, my god.
He just shot that dude.
– K, what are you
trained to do, right now?
After you’ve done this?
– Call 911, tell them that, uh —
– 911, what’s your emergency?
– I was the victim of a crime,
I was involved in a shooting.
– What’s your location?
– I’m at the gas station
on College Avenue.
– What happened?
Tell me what happened,
from the start to the end?
– Uh, a guy came up,
talking about the car.
I just wanted him away
from my kid and my car.
– Then what happened?
– He pulled a knife,
and tried to get into the car.
So, I pulled the gun
and defended my child.
– You didn’t hesitate.
It didn’t seem like the first
couple didn’t rounds worked,
or something?
What happened?
What was your perception?
– He kept moving.
– Like, what kind of movement though?
– Like, he kept moving
forward into the car,
like he was still trying to leave.
Still moving towards my daughter.
– Well, you came out one handed.
And, capped him three more times
as he was trying to get in the car.
– Well, I was, I could see the guy
like in my peripheral moving.
I was trying to make sure
that he wasn’t a threat,
but he was still moving.
And, he was still moving towards the car.
– Wasn’t like he was
moving in death kicks,
he was moving, trying to get in the car.
Big difference, right?
You gotta be able to articulate
those kind of things.
You gotta say why you shot, you know,
you gotta say why you
shot again, you know.
‘Cause he got hit in
the back a whole bunch.
And, is it okay to shoot
people in the back?
– No.
– Sometimes it is.
Yes, it absolutely is,
because that was the only target you had.
– And, he turned his back to me.
Yeah, he still had potential,
and I don’t see the knife
on the ground anywhere.
He’s got the knife,
you’ve got your daughter in the car.
Yeah, so we could shoot
people in the back sometimes.
We need to, if we need to.
When did you see the knife?
How, how did you pick that up?
‘Cause I couldn’t quite perceive
when he pulled out the knife.
– Well, I wasn’t doing eye,
I wasn’t looking at his eyes.
And, he went for the,
he kinda had the knife the same time,
he was like, well I’m gonna take it.
So, it was just, like, a reaction to,
once I got it, I could see.
– And, when he said that,
is when the knife came out.
And, that’s when you came, went to guns.
– Mhm.
– So, why not just let
him take the car, I mean?
– ‘Cause Amia was in the car.
– How’s that change things for you?
– For me, oh, I’m not, I,
I’d do anything for my daughter.
So, it was just,
you can’t take the truck now.
If it was just my truck, just a Jeep.
– Yeah, I mean I, I don’t
want my care to get stolen.
– But, I have insurance.
– But, I don’t wanna —
– Shoot somebody over a car.
But, if my wife or my kids are in it,
someone’s gonna get hurt.
How bout having that hose
in between you and him that time?
– Well, it created space for me.
And, it made me make up my mind quicker,
because I was never
gonna get over that hose.
– I’m never getting over
this hose before he left.
Especially not that stiff hose, yeah.
– Oh, shoot, that’s funny.
– If you carry a gun,
you need legal protection.
The United States
Concealed Carry Association
can offer that to you,
legal protection, in case
you have to protect yourself,
or your family, with your gun.
Fact of the matter is,
you could be dealing with
civil and criminal charges,
and you need someone
who’s been there before.
We worked out a deal with them.
Click the link below to
find out more information,
and start getting legal protection
for yourself and your family.
(rock music)
(gun fires)
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  1. Everyone should watch these…. Had that same lowlife size me up with “need some gas money” on many occasions – my usual response is “F… off” – OR square off with them and say loudly “CAN I HELP YOU?”

  2. Use obstacles. Keep the gas hose between you and a threat zone. Park the vehicle in such a manner that the front door can remain open and on line with the gas pumps thus providing another obstacle between you and the other threat zone.

  3. Glad to see more episodes I love this show. I live in Canada where obviously everybody knows that we are not allowed to have CCW permits. I would love to be able to come down to the us just to participate in one of these scenarios

  4. from USCCA
    d. We have no obligation to provide a defense in connection with the investigation or defense of any criminal charge or criminal proceeding against the member."
    i don't understand how people can pay for insurance to defend against criminal charges and for the policy to specifically mention the coverage for criminal charges and then for them to add at the end that they have no obligation to defend you against any criminal charge. i signed up without being shown the policy terms until after sign-up. now i need to look up how often they deny coverage.
    also, the link provided here fore a "special membership" does not appear to be any different from the one described on their home page.

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