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  1. I have a different brand but external charger has mechanically failed on all three lights. Granted my light is a Chinese version but I am guessing the same chinese manufacturer mad all the charger enclosures. On all three of my chargers the small plastic post, the re retainer for the spring tension broke. I searched Amazon for 18650 chargers and all chargers seemed to use the same battery holding mechanism. The electronics in the charger seem to work fine but somewhat slow charging. I am trying to replace the holder and reuse the electronics. I believe the weak points of these type lights are the charger and Switch in the end cap. The flash lights are great but support seems lacking. Would love it if you could do a maintenance video on these lights. Mine are at least 4 years old and the light work well in very adverse conditions, typhoons, heavy rain in the mountains of the Philippines. It is the 18650 support that is the difficult part.

  2. Does the strobe feature work at all the different intensity levels or just in turbo ?

  3. it is good that the mode button is a different button to the switch, it can be irritating to go through all the modes of a torch just because you accidently half pressed the button

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