6 thoughts to Everstrike Matches Lowest Price Buy Here At 12:44

  1. I know what youre saying, Mike, you should get on it mate, I know and you know you could come up with something useful 😉

  2. Gotta say mate,great videos.Bloody neighbors you have though! You know who will have the last laugh though:) Ive been looking for fellow xbow shooters down here in cornwall but they either dont exist or are in deep cover.lol.

  3. Thanks Kev. Its my opinion that our future selves will lean heavily on the crossbow mate, in some shape or form; Ive said it before, but there will be sticks, wood and cordage long after the last bullet on Earth has been fired. See also excellent vids on here from Valleys Survivor, WeaponCollector, SiFlint, Jack Stryker, 579sharky and Weaponsandstuff93, all good lads 😉

  4. To true baz.My bipod turned up for my jaguar today and have just put 30 ish bolts through and has improved the accuracy alot.Im hoping to get a video up soon as i want to test my pistol as well with its new foregrip.Im subbed to most of the people mentioned.seem like top blokes with similar views to mine.

  5. i think your right Baz- in potential situation these are lethal ..i,ve just bought the tomcat 2 and at 10 metres i,ve decimated the bulls eye of a target once zeroed in..i would not want to be on the other end of my 6mm solid darts..atb m8 geoff

  6. Great stuff! A lil tip-the armex(?) bolts with the screw off tips-unscrew the end and fit a dozen .22 slugs down the barrel. Load and shoot!