3 thoughts to Everstrike Matches Where To Shop At 20:41

  1. Interesting concept, but you know you are searching for the Holy Grail, don't you?
    Modularity is something I tinkered with, but i went another way. (Time driven. EDC/3day and 2 week, with 3 kits).
    I think the problem you will be facing further down will be needs interlacing. Some items must be always in the Bag and some should appear in 2 or 3 kits. So removing one of the three may rob you of what should be in 1 or 2 in the same time.
    And a thing I would like to advise. if it comes to quakes there is no time picking modules. You have say 5 secs to grabe everything and go. Then you will have all day to remove what is not needed.
    but do keep up with the concept. it can only improve.

  2. LOL!! I need to make some "TUPinitis" T-shirts! It's been fun collaborating with you the past several months. I think the color system is going to work out great, especially for the First Aid Kit. I'm looking forward to seeing your end result so I can tweak my own kit accordingly.