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  1. I'm in the market for a new light i use it at work to fix airplanes i like the tm26 but not sure if there is something better out there i want the best small light i can put on my belt any suggestions.

  2. This flashlight was by far the greatest thing I've ever spend money on. I've had it for a little over a year and never regretted buying it once.

  3. Seems like an overpriced light, does it have a torch mode or equivalent? it d be pretty useless to me if it doesn t,too bulky for a gun.. who is this light best for?

  4. hey marshal i was very confused in the following lights exactly which to buy, the ld75c by fenix tm26gt by nitecore, x7 marauder by olight, mk34 by manker and tn36ut and tn40 by thrunite i need ur suggestion pls…
    I own these following lights,
    Fenix-Tk75, Tk32,Pd35,RC09Ti,E15,Ec25 UC09,NITECORE-SensCr, Mh20,Tip, OLIGHT S1 BATON, Mecarmy PT16, Maglite 2D and 4D, 2AA, 1AAA.

  5. Waist of money when Guard Dog brand sells their own 3000 lumen flash light similar to this one but is only $149.99 on their site and got mine yesterday at MN state fair for just $110, came with 4 rechargable batteries and bought 2nd set of batteries with longer battery life for just another $15

  6. My TM26 has one light that appears to be going out. Its not as bright as the others. Can't figure out how to change it. Any help?