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  1. You can tell this is a "tactical" channel because he talks as much about looks as he does about actual effectiveness. I own the f42 and it is interesting than his problem with the handle is based on looks when everyone I have heard review it (and my experience) focuses on the fact that it has ABSOLUTELY ZERO GRIP. That seems like kind of an important point to miss when he takes the time to specifically critique the f42 grip. It isn't a death sentence for the knife as grip tape is cheap, but it is an odd omission.

  2. I've got a first run SCHF 37 and love it. I stripped the coating off and changed the angle of the edge. Now it feather sticks and batons without chipping. And has minimal edge roll, that a tungsten garden tool sharpener fixes rite up in the field.

  3. I like that schf3n wish the handle wasn’t so think and it didn’t have so many finger grooves. I like just the pointer finger groove and it’s perfect then. Schrade please read this

  4. I have a Schrade SCHF26 survival knife from Schrade and also three other Old Timer knives from the same company. I use the Schrade knife with my backpack for camping and have one of the old timer knives in my EDC bag. The others are kept at home at all times and I love the quality of all of those knives.

  5. If the 42 had a choil like the 51, and towards the front of the blade, after the recurve, it straightened out like the 42d, not a thumb ramp that's too shallow or too large, add more slightly finer jimping to the thumb ramp that is not aggressive, then I would almost certainly purchase it.