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  1. LOL, same hurricane! At least the same hurricane season. May have been Francis, the one right after Charley. Good idea on the car battery. Yeah, used mine to eat, read a book, move around the house, bathroom, shower (still had water and gas so hot showers!)

  2. You have created a label that I will adopt and use, with full attribution to you. Yes, it's a "Get home bag", not a 'Bug out Bag'. Although some rare instance is possible that you'd have to flee your home, and leave behind most of the preps you've worked so long and hard to acquire, I think it is more likely that you'll be away from home in your car, like at work, and an earthquake or EMP will make you stranded. BUT, in the trunk of my car is my trusty… "Get home bag". A nod to the NeoPrepper.

  3. @PaladinPrepper I'd love to take credit for it but I got the name from someone else. May have been southernprepper1 but I really don't recall. That is exactly how I feel, you may be away from home when something happens and this bag will help you get back to your preps. I have a BOB too, but I have the feeling that a get home bag will be MUCH more helpful.

  4. @rooftopeagle Nope, in fact if you look on the vid you can see the yellow in the reflector with it off. The LED bulb is yellow but I just figured that was they color they are before they turn on, I've seen others that looked like this. Just weird I think… I did check the lens though just in case. Wish mine was blue! Oh well, it's still very bright and at a distance you can't tell. Only up close within say 50 feet against a light colored wall.

  5. @NeoPrepper The yellow spots in the beam are due to uneven application of the phosphor to the LED die.