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– Hi, I’m Parris and today on Tech Tuesday
I’ve decided to see what kind
of tech items you can find
at the dollar store and
do they really work?
– [Narrator] Today on A Closer
Look, it’s Tech Tuesday.
– Lots of people shop at
the dollar store every day
and if you’re buying
bread or soup or soap,
you pretty much know what you’re getting
but what about electronics?
For one dollar, what can you really buy?
What does it claim to do,
what does it actually do?
So I picked out five
items to test out here.
One minute test on each.
We have mini stereo speakers.
It looks like a little
boombox, plugs into your phone.
One dollar.
Anti-Gravity pen, astronaut pen.
I always wanted one of
these when I was a kid
just so I could write upside down.
This is a zoomable flashlight
so it’s similar to those as
seen on TV ad flashlights
where you can zoom in and make the light
really focused at a distance.
Let’s see if it does that.
These are earbuds.
Now, some people go through ’em real quick
so maybe a dollar is good enough
if you’re gonna lose ’em in a week or two
but these are connected by
what looks like a shoelace.
And finally, this is
a micro-USB wristband.
Now, why in the world would you want that?
Is this considered
fashion in the tech world?
No, this is so you will
always have the cable you need
to charge your phone with you.
Mini stereo speakers.
Lightweight and stylish.
There’s a little flip out part here
that gives you this type of jack
so they’ll plug into a phone or a tablet
or a Walkman I guess if
you have one of those.
There’s no batteries in
this so no amplification.
My question is how is this different
from just using your speakerphone?
They’re surprisingly heavy
like there’s heavy magnets
in there or something
but without amplification,
I don’t think this will
be able to take advantage
of big magnets in the speaker.
Let’s listen at the same
volume from the speakerphone
and then from this.
I have the volume turned
all the way up on my phone
in speakerphone mode and in headphone mode
which is what these trigger
so let’s hear what it sounds like
just with the speakerphone.
Hi, I’m Parris and welcome to Tech Tuesday
here on A Closer Look.
Today, I’m gonna be trying out
the Atomic Beam flashlight.
Okay, plug this in.
It works even when it’s dropped,
even when it’s submerged in water
and it has this feature.
It’s about $20 and
we’ll have a link to it.
That’s as loud as it gets.
So I would say it’s less
than half the volume
of the internal speakerphone.
I guess you can bend it
and do things like that
but I would have to rate
this as not very useful.
Sound does come out of it
but it’s half the volume of
the speakerphone of the device.
So the mini stereo speaker, that’s a no.
Maybe I’ll have better luck
with the Anti-Gravity pen.
The way these space pens
or anti-gravity pens work
to write upside down is there’s
a pressurized ink cartridge
so it basically will push the ink out
even when you’re holding
the pen upside down.
That’s something most pens won’t do.
But the refill for most pens
costs more than a dollar
so I’m not sure what to expect from this.
Twist it and let’s see if it’ll write.
For some dollar pens, that’s
a major accomplishment.
Nothing yet, oh, here comes the ink.
Got started right away, that looks fine.
So now that the ink is flowing,
I’m going to try writing upside down
and see if it’ll continue to write.
Most pens will write for
a little bit upside down.
Here we go.
Still working.
Continues to write.
Let me try this with a regular pen
and see if a regular pen
would have run out by now.
I’ll try to write the very same thing.
Still writing.
Oh, we’re running out of ink there.
Oops, got to keep the
pen in this direction.
All gone.
Yep, it ran out about halfway through
whereas the Anti-Gravity
pen kept on writing.
Anti-Gravity pen works
great and is really cool.
Now I have an astronaut pen finally.
Next up is the tactical flashlight.
This is the Super-Bright
Tactical Telescoping Flashlight
so it’s supposed to do everything
a $20 as seen on TV
tactical flashlight will do.
They do not include batteries
but of course you’re getting all that
tactical tech here for one dollar.
For comparison purposes, here
is the Atomic Beam flashlight,
an as seen on TV product
that I reviewed in my very
first video on this channel.
Let’s see how bright it is.
And when we zoom in, we get that.
Okay, let’s compare.
I took the three Triple-A batteries
out of this Atomic Beam flashlight.
They’re in here, let’s
see how bright this is.
It works, there’s light.
It’s not quite as bright
or wide as this flashlight
and then the zoom function
is a twist feature
and not quite as good as
the Atomic Beam flashlight
but for a dollar, I’m impressed.
It actually works as a
flashlight and it is zoomable
so I think this goes in the category
with the Anti-Gravity pen.
It works and it’s cool.
Next up, some shoelace earbuds.
Shoelace ear buds,
lightweight and comfortable
and should you happen to break a shoelace,
you’ve always got a spare
plugged into your ears.
Why shoelaces, I don’t know
but let’s see if they work.
I’m going to compare them to
a Panasonic $12 pair of earbuds
that are actually the
best earbuds you can buy
for under $25.
These are not discreet.
Let me listen to a little bit
more of that YouTube video
with these earbuds.
It’s not bad, I can hear it fine.
That’s with the volume all the way up.
I’ll continue listening to
the video at the same volume
with these.
Much louder and much richer sound
and I’m shouting I realize now.
So much better but they did work.
They’re not gonna give
you a whole lot of depth
to the music that you listen to
but if this is the,
the fashion statement that
you’re looking to make,
depth in the music may
not be your top concern.
The shoelace earbuds
go in the win category
even though the sound wasn’t great.
It worked and you could
hear what was playing
so those are good too.
Next up and last, another
fashion statement possibly.
This is the cable that
wraps around your wrist
so you always have a
charging cable with you.
This is a micro-USB wristband.
That means it’ll work for
Android devices, not for iPhones.
They do make a separate one for iPhones.
You separate it and there’s
your standard USB connector
and in here is your micro-USB connector.
Now, you may be asking what
good is just having the cable
if you don’t have a battery backup
or your charger for your phone?
Well, just getting back from a trip
to Seattle for Thanksgiving,
I noticed that everywhere,
in my car, in the airport,
in the hotel on the little
nightstand next to the bed,
they have the box that does
the conversion to five volt
so you don’t need anything
except the cable to charge your phone
because it has the USB connector
built in to the little panel.
You plug that in, the
other into your phone
and you’re charging.
So the cable now is actually
turning out to be key
because the port that you
plug this into is everywhere.
I have my Ingress charger all ready to go.
Let’s see how well this
fits into my phone.
That was a little rough.
This is my old ZMAX ZTE phone.
Oh, I got a buzz so we
do have power transfer.
Not the smoothest fit but it did fit.
So with this little wristband,
you can always have the cable you need
to charge your phone or tablet.
And when you’re not using it for charging,
it’s a fashion accessory
and it actually does fit on my wrist.
I don’t think I’m going
to wear this around.
Probably the kids will
like to hold onto this
because for them, it’s
important that the phone
be working every minute.
So the micro-USB
wristband, another winner.
We have four out of five products
that turned out to work surprisingly well,
even has some cool
features for one dollar.
Only one disappointed.
Mini stereo speaker where
the volume wasn’t high enough
to even match that of the speakerphone.
Good to know that even the
tech stuff at the dollar store
mostly seems to work
so don’t be afraid to pick up little items
as stocking stuffers
for Christmas this year.
You can click that
Subscribe button down below
and I’ll see you next Tuesday.
(relaxing music)

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