3 thoughts to Everstryke Match Instructions Where Can I Shop At 21:39

  1. Good video, I was debating on whether to pick up one of these or the crank.version, but the strobe light has me sold. When the battery is too low to.operate the flashlight it will still remain in my pack to utilize it as a fire starter with steel wool I keep as well. Waste none, want none

  2. I love the work you guys are doing. After 9/11, I bought a couple of these. With all due respect to your enthusiasm for these lights, my experience with mine was "meh." They're a heck of a lot better than no light at all, but the beam quality, build and form factor were not awesome. I gave them away after finding better lights to carry. I do like the high/lo beam and strobe features, but these can be found in many low-cost lights. The fenix brand comes to mind, but there are others.