9 thoughts to Everstryke Match Pro How Can I Shop At 10:43

  1. Very detailed and prepared kit, also it seems after the Dawn of the Dead remake, this song is the go to theme for zombie apocalypses.,

  2. nice song choice! for my weapon i have my tactical rugar 10/22, 16" barrel, the gun weighing 4.5 lbs for mobility. attachments i have flash suppressor, bipod, scope, and a flashlight (LED) duct taped to the side of the gun. .22 caliber ammo is easy to find and is ALWAYS sold at all gunshops and even big5, etc.

  3. a lot of people don't…most people with zombie survival videos are just having a laugh and just showing there stuff off..it passes time

  4. Duh people do even I do I have 12 gage shotgun and a sniper I'm getting a mini uzi soon I have a rv beast trucks man I even fortified my house with concrete barriers around the whole property people do because of the Miami man eats another mans face look it up on u tube zombies are real I have 47 people in y survival group each person has at least 2 guns ad tons of food and water and a vehicle