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top reasons to have a bug out bag 72 hour kit when to bug out or evacuate
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out at Granny Camp
which is my Alaska off-grid remote cabin
and I’ve been thinking about the top
reasons why everyone needs to make sure they
have a bug out bag 72 hour kit we’ve become complacent about the
lockdowns from the covid 19 coronavirus
the stay at home orders and they’re
telling us again we’re going to have a
second wave we’ve been staying home so long all
we’ve been concerned with is how doIget the things that I want
and how do I make sure that I don’t go crazy from
boredom well there’s all kinds of reasons that
you still need a bug out bag 72 hour kit
because things can change in a minute’s
notice where you aren’t safe to stay in your
home and things scary events do require that you grab and go and evacuate from your home there’s all
kinds of natural disasters
hurricanes tornadoes floods volcanoes
earthquakes forest fires all of those
different kinds of events can require
you to evacuate immediately sometimes during
those kind of events emergency situations natural disasters
your home can be damaged beyond repair
it’s not safe to stay in your home even if your
home is undamaged you may have lost your power
your electricity the water may stop
running for weeks at a time
so it may not be the best interest of
to remain in your home you need to have
a plan
we’ve seen on the news where there are
protests widespread looting
we’re losing our law enforcement what if
that came to your neighborhood
would you feel safe staying inside I’ve
seen on the news in some buildings
protesters are blocking exits and
throwing fire bombs
inside buildings while they know people
are trapped in there
while that’s an extreme case it’s
something to think about
you have to think about all of the
possibilities that could happen
so that you have an idea of what you can
where you would go so you won’t be
with terror and you don’t panic
you already have thought about the
things that could happen
and what you can do to make the best
outcome another reason to have a bug out bag
domestic violence it’s always been something
that’s happening domestic violence
and there’s been an increase in domestic violence during this
lockdown stay-at-home order coronavirus covid 19 pandemic second wave which is a terrible thing to think that
domestic violence could enter anyone’s home but it does and if
that’s a possibility for you you’re all the more reason need to have
some kind of an escape plan
a bug out bag 72 hour kit something that you can do
to help yourself and your family members get away and be safe
we never know at a moment’s notice when
we’ll need to drop everything
and get out that’s why you need to have
a plan bug out plan evacuation plan
you need to pack a bug out bag 72 hour kit and you need to
have it in a ready in a place that you can grab your bug out bag 72 hour kit and go if you
had to it only makes sense to have a bug out bag 72 hour kit
bag and all of the gear that can help
you get along
be okay bug out bags are sometimes
called a 72 hour kit
because you need the components that
will help you take a hundred percent
care of yourself
for at least a few days in most
emergencies you can find help
or help can find you within that 72-hour
if you never made a bug-out bag or you
haven’t updated it in a while
i’ll put a link to a video i made about
how to update your bug-out bag it’ll go
all of the areas of emergency
all of the categories of supplies that
you need in your bug out bag
then it’s up to you put it together keep
it in a safe place
and pay attention to what’s going on
around you so that you know
if your safety and the safety of those
that you love
requires bugging out bug out doesn’t
mean you’re going away from your home
for the rest of your life
living out in who knows where it can
simply be
a temporary relocation where you get to
another home where you get to another
or you just get to a safe place most of
the time it’s going to be temporary and
you’ll be able to come back
but in the meantime if a train or a
truck has spilled toxic chemicals
if a wildfire is heading your way maybe
your neighbor has done something unsafe
and has damaged the building where you
live so that it’s not safe for you to
remain in your home
there are all kinds of reasons you may
have to evacuate on a moment’s notice
get your bug out bag together have it in
a handy location and then no matter what
you can grab and go on a moment’s notice with your bug out bag 72 hour kit
and make the best of whatever the
situation is that you’re facing
if you liked my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else who might enjoy it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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