4 thoughts to Everstryke Match Pro Where Can I Shop At 8:53

  1. Children grow VERY fast (especially at the toddler age..); prepping when you have child(ren) makes this process much more complicated (especially SHOES!). Not too many videos focused on shoes & clothing (especially those of us w/child(ren).. not just to plan for the immediate future.. but what about children that WILL outgrow clothing/shoes VERY fast.. that would be a great! video.. thanks!

  2. @NeedAJobUSA you are absolutely right on. I'll have to get my wife in on that one she's the one who takes care of that stuff, but I can tell you we try to stay 2-3 sizes ahead of things. My wife has several girlfriends who have children in close age so they swap clothes around a lot keeping things cheap/free and in surplus.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. I just discovered your channel. I have 6 kids and am putting together bug out and bug in supplies and this was very helpful. Thanks a mil its nice to see stuff that is family focused with regards to preparation. Great job.

  4. very good vid bro!! many people think about bug out! they think bugging with there army friends but the reality is that we have to bug out with our family (childrens and wife) and dont have the same fisical stamina that a man have!!people have to learn to keep it real!!right? AWSOME VID BRO KEEP THEM COMING