7 thoughts to Everstryke Match Pro Where Can We Buy At 19:40

  1. that leached into the water. I'm not aware that disposable water bottles are BPA free but that could be the case. At any rate, leave a bottle of water in the sun for a day or two and you can taste the difference. The same thing happens over time. My nagene BPA free bottles don't have this problem and water tastes fine even after several months of water storage.

  2. @graffiticandy
    Good point. However, unless seriously injured, I don't need saving. I've spent my life in the woods. Besides the camo is half about having hunting camo in my truck all the time so that I can go hunting after work etc…
    I do carry and bright bandanna as a wash cloth that can double as a signal if necessary.

  3. i'm not an environmentalist. Google it. Search "BPA Free" This isn't exactly the latest news on the subject.

  4. man what kind of radio is that? where did u get it? how much? becuse i really want one!!! great video i subed!!!

  5. great video, thanks for sharing!

    just a couple of things. the black bag wont keep the sun off your water. black absorbs heat faster than any other colour, so a light coloured bag would be better.

    as for your lenses, glasses not be better? say its dark, or your hands are dirty/injured, glasses may be easier than lenses and solution.

    finally, your spare rifle parts, maybe keep together in a box?

    im not trying to get at you, and you know what your doing, just trying to help 🙂

  6. get a good multi tool, get rid of some of the clothing, get a compass, a machete, a shovel. a axe, get a 2 maybe 3 fixed blades, a folder, a gun cleaning kit, a canteen with cup and cover. but otherwise it was good