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– Hey guys, today we have the
XR10, it’s a rechargeable,
lithium ion, ten watt, LED
spotlight from companion.
It has three light modes:
high, low, and flash.
It uses the Cree true
white technology bulbs,
which means it’s super-bright
and runs at about 700 lumens.
It’s also IPX7 approved, which means it’s
waterproof up to a metre,
and also dust resistant.
Let’s open up the box and have a look.
First up, we have the actual torch itself.
Now this thing is actually
really rugged and really tough.
It’s actually got rubberized edges,
so it can actually take a few hard knocks.
It also has these two
terminals at the back here,
that’s for the charging.
It has a nice, big, chunky handle.
I have some pretty big hands,
and this thing actually
fits nice and neatly.
There’s also a power button
right at the back that’s easy to use.
This is a good little unit,
it’s fairly strong, it’s fairly tough.
As you can see by the lens there,
it’s actually fairly substantial, too.
We also have a charging base unit,
which is this little thing here.
It does have mounting holes in it,
so you can actually mount
screws straight into it,
actually mount it from horizontal
or a vertical position.
There is a little LED
light here to indicate
if it’s charging or not,
and the recharging point
is at the front here.
The unit itself, just locks
straight in, like that.
So you can actually mount
it straight from the wall,
which is pretty cool.
Also comes with
240 charger with a couple metres of lead
that plugs straight into
the front of the base unit.
And it also comes with
a 12 volt charger with
also couple metre lead that
plugs straight into the unit.
The thing will take about an hour
to charge from empty to full, and run for
about three hours on low,
and about one and a half hours on high.
It also comes with an instruction manual.
So let’s get outside and see
how bright this thing is.
Alright, here we are outdoors.
This is the brightest
setting that we have.
As you can see, those trees
there are about 100 metres away.
There’s actually some more
trees right across the field,
they’re about 200 metres away.
It’s like the other
side of a cricket oval,
so, it’s actually a fairly good distance.
I can see them pretty clearly.
I don’t think the video’s
gonna pick it up very well,
but it looks really, really good.
This is the high setting,
and as you can see,
it’s super bright if I’m
looking through the trees here,
it’s really, really easy to look around.
And it’s actually got a
really good range on it.
If I turn it to the medium setting,
this is actually still fairly bright.
It throws out a fair bit of light.
And we also have the flash.
Now this is actually fairly offensive,
so it’ll work quite well to deter people.
And that’s pretty much it,
hopefully this has covered
everything you need to know.
Thanks for watching.

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Everstryke Match Pro Where To Purchase

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