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  1. I've never liked pre-made survival kits as you cannot always trust each piece of the kit to perform its designed function. My "home made" kit is loaded with gear and kit items I have used on multiple outings and know that they work. From the Mystery Ranch Scree 32 backpack down to the Olight flashlights I have solid trust in every item; obviously, any item can fail at any time. This backpack even contains cooking gear including Trioxane fuel tablets should my route not have fuel to burn in the stove. The total weight is 18.4 lbs including water (in a stainless steel Pathfinder Kit) and food for six to seven days. I also put together an Emerson chest pack with survival tools, e.g. small hatchet, Silkie Pocketboy, military compass, pepper spray, Gerber Suspension, Smith sharpener, a ferro rod, a Gerber Strongarm …and just need to load the "final" items upon deployment.

  2. Soon as I saw glow sticks I thought cheap crap. Why would you carry glow sticks rather than a headlamp and batteries. It’s rubbish, get a decent 30 to 40 litre bag and fill it with what YOU need not what a company with an eye on profit think you need. You know the developers haven’t spent more than 2 hours in the wilderness.

  3. Can't find the place where can mention the video and then edit the contents would love to add the knife but no where to change contents…

  4. I bought the same first aid kit from Walmart, and even though it has a lot of items included, I wish that it was designed so that I could see everything at one time instead of having to flip through each item to find what I need. I ordered some Israeli bandages, a SWAT-T tourniquet, and a sam splint for more serious injuries. I have the same Gerber multi-tool and its been reliable.