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what’s up guys all right today we’re
gonna talk about my EDC and what I carry
on my person on a daily basis so stay
tuned to the intro what’s up my name is
Doug the bearded outdoorsman welcome to
another video if you enjoy beard product
reviews beard tips and gear reviews then
you’ve come to the right place today
we’re going to talk about my EDC now I
did a video last year about my EDC and
what I carried on my person on a daily
basis things have changed
we’ve updated a few things so that’s
what the purpose of this video I’m gonna
go over what has changed and what I
carry now and how I carry it so let’s
let’s dive into it so my front right
I carry a Kershaw Ken Onion blur now I
don’t think they make it in the red and
black anymore however they do still make
it in I think a solid black I’ll really
love this this knife it is heavy heavy
enough that you can hold on to it it’s
not so heavy that it’s bulky or anything
like that it does have the Kershaw
assistant opening this one has the
serrated blade I have carried this knife
for a very very long time the blade has
a couple Nick’s in it where I’ve cut
stuff round damage the blade but it is
still sharp enough to get the job done
absolutely love love this knife and
knives from Kershaw so I will drop like
I said anything in this video that I go
over I will put a link in the
description below I can’t remember
prices some of it I’ve had for a while
but I will dig around and try to find
links to all of it so I can put it in
the description below but like I said
first thing is the
Kershaw blur next and the same pocket is
the hitori little mini pocket flashlight
I did a review on this flashlight I’ll
put a card up top and you can check that
out but this thing is absolutely amazing
for number one the price and number two
for the size it’s not big and it’s not
super bright but it will get the job
done in a pinch if you need a flashlight
I love this thing it goes right in my
pocket clipped on my pocket right next
to my knife so I always have it always
have it accessible it has a button on
the back where you can turn it on turn
it off and it carries a one triple-a
battery the battery life is really good
I can tell when it starts getting a
little bit dim replace the battery and
it’s back working great I don’t know if
I mentioned this in the review of this
flashlight but one of my favorite things
about this flashlight is if you are
wearing a ballcap your pocket clip does
come off you pop it off and you can flip
it around click it back on and now you
can slide it on your hat and you have
hands-free if that need is there I don’t
like it in my pocket like this because I
don’t like that lens being up that lens
is protected if it’s in my pocket
so I absolutely love this now you can
see how it is no longer black on that
side that’s where it rubs against my
knife but very durable very good
flashlight alright next in the right
we have this is my toothpick holder now
this was in my previous EDC video
however it was on my keychain the
keychain aspect of it was very cheap and
it stretched out and I was scared I was
gonna lose this one so I just carry it
in my pocket next is a little mini bic
lighter always have a fire source
available for my for me and if the need
arises always have it on my person and
the next thing in that pocket the last
thing in that pocket is a tube of car
mix now I like this kind
the tube where you screwed screwed up
screw it down because a lot of times in
my pocket the cap will either come off
or it will screw up into the cap and it
just gets a mess it’s it’s horrible this
way I know that it’s protected in my
pocket and if nothing’s gonna happen to
it so all right let’s get all this back
in my pocket no front left pocket carry
two things in this pocket number one is
my beard call I always have a beard comb
on me this was a Father’s Day gift you
can see I’m missing a tooth on it that
broke off just battle scars right so I
always have that and I’m doing a wallet
series right now on my channel I’ll put
a play card for a playlist up top you
can check that out but right now the
wallet I’m testing is the core
essentials front pocket wallet and a
review will be coming soon for this
wallet so stay tuned for that
all right so then our back pocket in
there alright so back pocket is still
the same in regards to a sharpie and an
ink pen and I still carry this little
flimsy dollar store notebook
it is about torn and tattered but
they’re still empty pages in it so still
use it alright next is my watch it is
with me all the time I recently did a
review of this watch I will put a card
up top it is the casio g-shock Mudman
absolutely love this watch I’ve had it
for three to four years and it is a
great watch so I’ll put that card up top
you can check that out now I have
recently purchased a new watch I’m gonna
test it out and review it but got an
unboxing video and first impression
video of that coming up pretty soon and
you’ll be able to see that watch and I’m
gonna see if it’s worst all the height
that is talked about so the next part of
my ADC are my keys now I always have my
keys on me of course we have to go play
and stuff like that so my keys are
always with me I recently upgraded to
the key smart key organizer and I
absolutely love this thing
I can fold my keys out like this it’s a
really good key organizer now I’ll do a
full review on this key fob in the
future and you can check that out be
looking forward on my channel and we’ll
test it out a little bit more I haven’t
had it but maybe three or four weeks now
so I’m gonna do I’m gonna do some more
testing on it and do a full review of it
the next thing that I have on my
keychain is just a mini Kershaw I can’t
remember what the name of this one is I
will put it in the description below of
course it has a bottle opener because
every EDC tool has bottle openers on
them now but it is just a small lock
back blade nothing crazy nothing fancy
but it works good in situations where I
don’t want to care to pull out my big
kershaw out of my pocket you need to
open a box or something like that I have
this with me it’s all my keys and next
everything is on a knight eyes SP nur
just because I like these because I can
lock that portion and it’s not gonna
open up nothing’s gonna fall out of that
and if I wanted to lock this side I can
but I just clip that on my belt loops
and I have all my keys so that’s my keys
and in the last tool that is part of my
ADC that I carry with me all the time
this is always on my person that is my
Glock 27 I’m a Glock man I like my
Glocks and this is the 27 it’s usually
called the baby Glock now they’ve got
some smaller ones that they have done
now in recent time I have not upgraded
to the single stack but this is the
Glock 27 in 40 Cal and absolutely love
this it’s a little bit big for some
people but it fits my hand really really
well and I have upgraded it to the
Trijicon night sights and it is just a
solid solid tool to have for any EDC
I’ll go over I’ll do another video in
the future about holster
and the way that I carry this but this
is a good solid tool to have either
appendix ankle waistband behind you and
it’s small enough that you could have an
outside waistband and it’d be concealed
so no and check your local state laws to
see what you can and how you can or
cannot carry these but again I don’t
leave home without it so there you go
all right guys well that is my EDC as of
right now for 2020 now being doing
reviews on on this channel I’m probably
going to come across some new stuff and
if anything changes drastically then I
will do an updated video to give you
guys that information and show you what
has changed but this is my EDC that I’m
carrying all my own my person every
single day all right guys well that is
it if you have any questions about any
of the gear that I’ve gone over today
drop it in the comments and make sure to
hit that thumbs up button make sure to
hit that subscribe button if you haven’t
already click the little Bell so you’re
notified when I drop your content and
until next time stay bearded get
outdoors and god bless

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  1. Pocket dump, EDC gear 2020. Taking a look at what is in my pockets and on my person on a daily basis. Let me know if you have any questions about any of this gear in the comments below. And don't forget to subscribe for more content. Links below.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

    ๐Ÿ””Subscribe for more content: www.youtube.com/thebeardedoutdoorsman18?sub_confirmation=1

    Kershaw Blur: https://amzn.to/2TghwD1
    Hatori flashlight: https://amzn.to/32NjFcG
    Toothpick holder: https://amzn.to/38iPV8o
    Keysmart: https://amzn.to/3aj9saj
    Kershaw mini: https://amzn.to/2PGWr2k
    Casio G-Shock: https://amzn.to/2Twhd5R

  2. Whazzup Doug! I carry a Kershaw automatic, Streamilght Scorpion hl, either a G-Shock or my Lumi-Nox 3050 series. In my opinion you CAN'T go wrong with a Glock! Great video as always, be safe and God bless to you and yours my brother!!

  3. Awesome…Love EDC vids! have carried a small Kershaw Ken Onion Scallion for the last few years but have been watching tons of pocket knife review and EDC videos trying to determine my next pocket knife purchase.

  4. Awesome EDC idea's, ill be looking forward to see future gear video's! (Kershaw Cinder, been wanting to try it out)