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Today, we are going to build an amazing bushcraft shelter in the woods.
First we need to select some trees to cut for the shelter.
We will only be using hand tools.
Axes, saws, and rope.
We’ll be using mostly pines.
The dog is a giant herding dog.
She really does get into everything.
But she will protect you from harm in a heart beat.
We’re selecting trees that are too tightly packed together so the other trees can flourish.
This will also prevent forest fires.
It is good forestry management.
We will need probably a hundred trees.
This sounds like a lot, but the forest we are in has millions of trees to choose from.
This tree will be the main frame for the shelter and hold up the roof.
Let’s make sure it’s level to ensure good construction.
Since we have so much brush and need to cook, we might as well make a warm fire.
The shelter is starting to take shape.
The tree tops burn quite good as they are filled with flammable oils.
We’ve got a great pile of skinnier trees for the roof construction.
The raise bed of the bushcraft shelter is taking form.
A good start to the roof.
Piece by piece the roof comes together.
The roof is now complete.
The next day we return to complete the bed of the shelter.
I managed to snare two rabbits overnight.
Time to get back to work.
Jeremy is joining me again today so we can get more work done quickly.
These beefier will be for the walls of the primitive shelter.
The longer poles will fill in the back.
With the back complete, we can finally fill in the sides.
This goes quickly.
Since the shelter is footprint is mostly complete, we can remove the snow for a proper fire pit.
Removing snow will mean that coals can form better for cooking.
The shelter held up really well overnight.
Lashing the roof down will make sure it doesn’t fly away on us in strong winds.
These dry branches will help the fire burn faster.
Birch bark is a great tinder.
Now we can cook some fish over the fire.
This fish is placed on a blank to be cooked.
A warm piece of fish!
Time to enjoy dinner!
Fresh rainbow trout with maple syrup, yum!
Removing some branch bits to clean up the roof.
And a rabbit for dessert!

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  2. Watching this video made me realize just how long I've been following you guys. I remember Chris trade up those snow pants during your 7days on the ice challenge. Jeremy is just bones cause, as I remember, he was at the tail end of his one year eat only wild foods challenge. Ah the memories….
    In short, I enjoyed this much more than I thought.

  3. I sub to two of the three guys… not a Huge fan of the third… I would be more interested if it was new content.. not re edited older stuff. I’ll keep checking in to see what’s up.