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  1. God forbid, but if the shit hits the fan in my city the first guy I am going to jack is the guy wearing 511s and loaded down with a tactical backpack. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Just saying, survival right?

  2. I recently bought a gen 3 pvs14 from JRHEnterprises, 2599.00 , that’s as cheap as you will find new. Used, well, your kinda on your own there, Buy new and get a 10 year warranty. Anything under 2000 you should be wary of, the tube is the important part….

  3. Great point and gapping whole in my prep bag.
    Not having served in the military, I'd never thought of night vision.
    Just seemed like stuff in the movies. Please share your reco for suppliers.

  4. I actually have two night visions, a digital and a gen 1, and im ok with either, but have a pref for the gen 1 for its "refresh rate" I know it doesn;t have one where as the digital has a but of delay

  5. Karl, please suggest a monocular you'd buy, say, ideally, and one for the budget-minded. Thanks.