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– [Voiceover] Light bulbs are awesome,
and not just because they
provide us with the ability
to see in the dark.
There are so many amazing
ways to reuse them
to make art, survival
gear, even kitchen tools,
so let’s brighten up your day.
Here are five alternate
uses for your light bulbs.
Now for most of the following projects,
you’re going to have to
hollow out a dead light bulb.
Let’s kick it off by making
some salt and pepper shakers,
and show you a few tricks
and tips along the way.
To start, make sure you’re
wearing a glove on the hand
that’s touching the bulb
to protect yourself.
Pry up the end contact of the
bulb using a razor or pliers.
Once you have that part
removed, you’ll be met
with an insulator that
you need to chip away at
and remove carefully.
This can be done using a small item such
as a thumb tack or small
screwdriver to crack the insulator.
Once you have it cracked,
you simply remove the pieces
with pliers or a screwdriver.
Now we’re going to pop out
what’s called the exhaust tube.
Take your screwdriver and
break through the glass stem.
You want to use some finesse
here and slowly circle
around until you can carve out
and clear the remaining debris.
Finally, you’re through.
Now break out some small
needle-nosed pliers
and remove the filament.
Congratulations, your bulb is empty.
If you used a white bulb, here’s a simple
and cool way to make it
clear in a few seconds.
Just pour in a bit of salt or sugar.
Cover the top of the bulb and shake it
like a madman.
The coloring will disappear
right before your eyes,
and now we can move on to
making the actual shakers.
Obviously, clean the bulbs
out with water and soap
and let them dry.
While they dry, go to your recycling bin
and grab two plastic bottle caps.
We’re going to use these to hold the salt
and pepper inside the bulbs themselves.
Surprisingly, they thread
right over the standard
sized light bulbs.
Take a small nail or push
pin and work several holes
into the top so the salt
and pepper will be able
to escape its bulby prison.
Now we’re ready to fill up our bulbs
with spice goodness.
I grabbed a small sheet of
paper that was laying around
and twisted it into the shape of a funnel.
Once the funnel’s in the
bulb, it’s simply a matter
of transferring the
salt into its new home.
Just dump it on in and when you’re done,
place the cap on top
and you’re good to go.
And just a quick test so
you can see that it works.
Here you go, the salt comes out freely
but not too fast.
You can follow the exact
same steps for the pepper,
as you can see here.
Just make a funnel and dump it on in.
Again, a quick test to make
sure it’s working as intended.
We used furniture casters
to hold the bulbs,
but anything with a circular bottom
should hold them in place.
So there you go, salt and pepper shakers
made from light bulbs.
It’ll make your gourmet
meal look even fancier.
Let’s move on.
Just because your bulbs are burned out
doesn’t mean you still can’t
get a little light out of them.
We found these solar powered garden lights
at the dollar store and picked some up.
Since we already went over
the process of emptying
out a bulb, we’ll skip
that from here on out
and go on with the go
on with the upsite link.
Get your empty bulb and solar lights.
Remove the top portion of the solar light
and wind the rim of the
bulb with a weak adhesive
in case you need to remove
it later on down the road.
Press it on tightly and
make sure the bulb isn’t
going to fall off.
Now for this next part,
you can use many items,
but we found brackets for hanging pictures
to be an awesome solution.
We hot glued brackets directly on top
of the solar panel.
They’re small enough
that they won’t impede
on the charging, and strong enough
to tie some fishing line around so you can
hang the bulbs wherever you want.
We did one with a white bulb
and one with a clear bulb
just to see what the difference was.
The white bulb had a better glow,
but the clear bulb produced more light
to see in the dark.
Go with whichever look you prefer.
All right, now things
are about to get sticky.
For this little bulb
project, we’re actually going
to utilize a working LED bulb.
We’re doing this because
a large amount of silicone
will be added to make
the light more decorative
and all around awesome.
Using a regular bulb
would heat up the silicone
too much and cause problems.
We did it anyway with a
dead one so we can turn
this thing into a nice ornament.
Here’s how to do it.
Get a bottle of silicone
sealant, the type you might use
to fix a leak.
Hold the bulb from the
base and emit large globs
of silicone onto the bulb itself,
then slowly pull away
creating a spike effect.
You can choose any length
or size that you want.
It just depends on what you’re going for.
You understand.
Work all the way around the bulb until you
have your desired effect.
Try to keep it hanging
upside down until it begins
to set or the silicone
might go all over the place.
Once it’s dry, it’s time to fire it up.
Stick it in a socket and set it ablaze.
Ah, the glory of the
spiked LED light bulb.
We call this one the lucky bamboo bulb.
We’re basically going
to turn a blown out bulb
into a housing for a plant.
As usual, we emptied
out the bulb and got it
nice and clean with water.
After that, we scavenged
around the neighborhood
for tiny pebbles to give
it a nice, earthy look.
Of course, you don’t want
to just drop the rocks
into the bulb because
you might shatter it.
So go at a nice, slow pace.
Now pick a plant that fits the tube.
We thought a nice bamboo
stick would look great
in this situation and we ran with it.
After working the metal
casing of the bulb out a bit,
we were able to fit it
inside, slide it on in
and shake around the rocks until you
have coverage over any
root system that remains.
Now just add water.
Find a nice place to
keep it upright, as well.
Voila, a beautiful augment to your already
stunning and beautiful kitchen.
Finally, here’s a good old standby you’ve
probably seen before,
the light bulb oil lamp.
It’s super simple and extremely effective.
You’re going to need a dead bulb.
We’re using an old
spotlight so it can stand up
on its own and save us some pain later.
You also need a wick and some lamp oil.
Typically, you can find all
of these at any hardware store
for just a couple bucks.
As usual, hollow out the
light bulb carefully,
get all the debris out
and fill up your lamp
with oil about halfway,
no need to go overboard.
Grab your wick and dip
one end in and get it nice
and soaked, pull it out and
slide the other side in as well.
This way you’re going to get
full coverage on the wick
and it’ll spark up nicely.
Now let’s give it a test and
see what we’re cooking with.
Whoa, quite intense.
Now it will, of course,
mellow out after a few minutes
and you can use it as
a nice emergency light
or simply to add some
cool decor to your pad.
That being said, I want
to thank audible.com
for supporting us so that we can put these
crazy projects together
for you to try yourself.
Recently I checked out The
Science of Everyday Life,
why teapots dribble, toast burns,
and light bulbs shine.
It’s written by Marty
Jopson, I think it’s right up
my fans alley.
So if you want to up your science game
you can download this audiobook for free
if you go to
audible.com/household and sign up
to try this service.
I love listening to
audiobooks when I commute
or if I have travel
coming up, or sometimes
if I’m just doing chores around the house.
Audible.com has more than 180,000 titles
available to check out, and
you can get your free download
by going to audible.com/household.
Thanks for watching.
We’ll have some more bright
ideas coming at you soon,
and by that, I mean we aren’t quite done
with bulbs just yet.
See you next time.

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