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  1. Fallers axe heads are thin for taking out large chunks unlike a maul that is meant for pounding and wood splitting. So it's a multi functional tomahawk.

  2. Say Heah Tim, I've been using my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet with a Shock Reduction Handle, But I think now its available with a leather stack handle too. But I like my shock reduction handle better, I seem to have a better purchase with mine, But its almost replacing my Sportsman model, well at least giving it a rest. Keep up the good work, Thanx You.,,.

  3. I use the 16" model in place of a HATCHET, it excels in those types of tasks. It is a little heavy but virtually indestructible. #best first #best beginners #heirloom #MADE IN USA

  4. Understanding that this is testing; he doesn't seem to get the purpose of this axe. It's not a splitting maul. It's for felling small trees and limbing them down, building shelters and maybe bunkers if you're in the military. THAT is why it's got a deep, narrow head and a wide, sharp cutting edge. Now, why is he splitting 8" diameter, chain-sawed logs that he would never have cut with that axe? Ask him. The firewood I'd cut with this would be 3-4" dead wood, then I'd lay it facing away from me and split the (far) end that I'm not holding onto. You really shouldn't be standing straight up with an 18" axe anyway.

  5. I cant find any pictures of a estwing axe that has broken. Are they that sturdy?
    I have a couple of gransfors brukl axes but I always worry that the handle will break.

  6. I have several estwing axes and a husky hatchet the two I use the 24 and my estwing framers axe the most

  7. Clearly the profile of this axe shows it to be a chopper not a splitter. Single piece construction and shock proof grip look good features. Having an outdoor axe that is a good splitter is essential. Great review, honest comments. Thanks.

  8. That axe is not the proper tool for splitting the larger peices of wood (forked piece and the other) you would need a hydraulic log splitter for the notched piece and a splitting maul for the other…. I own the Estwing boys axe and it's perfect for small splitting as you have showcased in your review.

  9. WARNING: Be careful. I ve had this axe for over 30 years, i use it mainly for camping (fire wood) but last year i was cutting some small roots around a tree so i can install a stone ring for flowers.
    I always face front of the cutting object and firmly kneeling squarely on the ground, wile cutting this axe would bounce and slide to side angles (the is a term for it) and one time it completely twisted around in my hands and came with in inches of my forehead blade first.
    This axes blade its to long and not balance well making it dangerous and potentially deadly. I put it away and not use it since. I getting something different.
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  10. I’m 64 and I just bought that model. It’s VERY heavy. The sheath is made of synthetic materials.
    It came from the manufacturer dull, but that gave me something to do. I put a razor sharp edge on it easily.
    I think the smaller one might have been a better choice given the weight reduction. Great tool though.

  11. It's 2020 and who is still using this ax!🏜️🪓🏜️🪓🏜️🪓🏜️🪓👍🥃

  12. Just a thought I was considering after watching a few reviews on this particular axe. The notion i see in all the videos is that the blade profile is more thin before its wedge meaning it has a strong bite but makes it kind of so so at splitting logs the traditional way. I have seen it used successfully for splitting in a different style but the thing that makes me think this is a good design is the actual bite it has when felling a tree. Sure it may be hard to chop fire wood but if your goal is to get resources for a shelter and you need to bring a tree down quick, the bite helps you take big chunks out and makes it easier for the axe to be pulled out from the tree because the blade doesnt create extra tension with the mass of an axe thats good for log splitting. For bringing down trees for shelter it seems like a no brainer.

  13. Great video! I’ve been using the same 13 inch hatchet for the last 15 years..easy one hand control and you can definitely use it for some of the more finer things, like making stakes and feather sticks. I just purchased the 16 inch like the one that you are reviewing in this video…and yes it’s more like 20 inches..for more splitting power. Estwing makes great products, I don’t know why people sleep on them so much. I’ve been using the same estwing framing hammer for the last 20+ years. Again..great video