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I thought I’d take a moment and talk to you about the Everstryke match or the PermaStryke fire starter kit, from Survival Life. If you follow any kind of Facebook pages that have to do with preppers or end of days type scenarios, anything like, just survival tips in general, you’ve probably been ad targeted by a company called Survival Life.

I use Ronsonol in mine, works best for me

And they have, in the past offered free credit card knives, which I will have a review up for you soon. And then as recently as, gees, a couple of days ago, this here – Fire striker, ever starter, matchy, fire starter thing. Ok, so I went ahead and got it, because I thought, well don’t going to get the card, even if it’s cheap, it’d be handy to have this EverStryke Match. So what you have here is a flat store container that uses a lighter fluid, I use ronsonol in mine.

What you’ll do is you get the thing in the mail, it comes in just a plain envelope with no kind of markings, and you’ll get a little sheet of paper with some instructions. As you can see, I ripped mine open hastily, but this is the instructions. I’ll just scan through there, and you can pause it if you like, to read those (see the image below).

As you can see, I ripped mine open hastily, but this is the instructions.
As you can see, I ripped mine open hastily, but this is the instructions.

Get to the meat of it, what you’ll do is you’ll un screw this EverStryke Match stryker plate from here. And inside there, I’ve already filled mine, but you’ll put lighter fluid in there, about three quarters of the way full. And then, that way, so when you put your stryker plate in there, you don’t displace fluid and make a mess, like I did the first time. So, that’s all there is to it.

In terms of finish, this EverStryke Match is flimsy feeling in the hand. Obviously if you only pay $2.95 for shipping and handling, so don’t expect a really fancy product. But, some things to note is, the seams around the base of mine where it looks like the fluid cavity is, is kind of suspect. So I’ll probably put some more proxy around here, because I’d hate for this to leak out in my kit if I really needed it. Also, the corners are very sharp, so keep that in mind if you get one and you put it in your kit.

Anything that rubs against that will either puncture or mar the finish of the item, so you’ll want to keep that separate. And then, it looks like the pharaoh rod itself, you can see I’ve struck it a couple of times – is not replaceable. But anything can be serviced once it wears out, I’m sure we can wiggle the rest out and slot a new one in place no problems. This little hanging, the attention clip system here is really suspect. Well, I’ll just remove that all together.

Stryker Plate
Give it a second for this little stryker plate here to dry, it makes it a lot easier

But, to the brass of it, it actually works really well. Remove the stryker plate from the – they call this an everstryke. And remove it from the EverStryke Match, some people call these chroma matches or chroma kits, fire starter kits. And give it a second for this little EverStryke Match stryker plate here to dry, it makes it a lot easier. Then all you have to do to strike it, remember this is open here, you want to keep your fluid from spilling out.

But all you have to do to strike it is to hold it against that rod, and go down with it. Shake it out there, because I don’t want to burn my camera here. But notice how I did strike first, there’s still a little dam. Once you do that, get the hang of it, it lights every single time, and fast. Notice a little bit of debris dropped on my cloth there.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it. This EverStryke Match wick, this wick here is replaceable. Once your wick starts to burn down, all you’ll do is tug this out a little bit, and then it’ll feed from the wick, from inside of this rod here. And once you’re out of wick, you just get you some wick, roll it up there and stuff it in there with something, maybe a little bitty tiny screwdriver or something. So there you go, so keep some extra wick with you, keep a little bit of extra fluid.

And for $2.95, I’m impressed with this EverStryke Match. After having messed with this, pretty much all day, my final thought is, it’s actually worth the $2.95. I was ready to bash this thing. When I opened up the envelope and saw the fit and finish, I was really not impressed with this EverStryke Match. A couple of things that I’ve learned throughout the day is this o-ring here, after only using it on 10 or 12 times, is really starting to elongate already. And I’m not certain if those o-rings are petroleum based o-rings – they could be. But if not, then that lighter fluid over time will start to degrade that rubber o-ring. So, thankfully these things are plentiful and cheap.

So, I’ve decided that that the way I’m gonna carry this EverStryke Match is like a man toy or something like that. I’m going to have a little small bottle of ronsonol fluid and a couple of extra o-rings and some wick. Now, sure that kinda defeats the purpose of a small starter to carry with you, but this thing – I prefer just my regular stryker rod filled magnesium, so a fire starting kit to carry anyway on a lanyard.

But anyway, I hope that most of you found this video about the EverStryke Match helpful. If you’ve got any questions, please let me know in the comments below and I will help you out as best I can.

Get This Everstryke Match Today Only!

Thanks a lot.


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Get A 100% FREE EverStryke Match
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Get A 100% FREE EverStryke Match(Perma-Match) Today!

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Get A 100% FREE EverStryke Match
(Perma-Match) Today!
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    1. Yes, you are correct and I have already updated this page to reflect the changes made. Let me know your thoughts when you receive them?

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