8 thoughts to Everstryke Matches Buy In Store Near Me At 7:43

  1. I never got a chance to thank you ETI 🙂 I really appreciate it and what a great video !

  2. All together, I bought another 2 of these babies from amazon , I just love this little flashlight too much xD

  3. I ended up getting the coast hx5 I think it's the upgraded version of the hp1 but I do totally recommend the 3.7 volts 14500 instead of the hx5 being 130 lumens the 14500 battery turned it into 345 lumens

  4. I live in Salem Oregon and I just ordered one off Amazon for $8 and free shipping 2 day shipping at that

  5. The best no bullshit light out there..myself edc and I love it..only bad thing is made in China 😒